Thursday, April 13, 2006

Christmas in ... April?

Anusford does not offer used-Christmas-tree pick-up service. Therefore, you must take your used Christmas tree to the recycling place on your own, which frankly just pisses me off. Last year, we just got lucky. Our dead tree was out on our driveway, and the January flood just took it away to who-knows-where. This year's flood wasn't strong enough for that, which is probably a good thing.

So our neighbour Nora kindly offered to dispose of our tree with hers. She had a friend with a truck who was going to come and whisk away both trees, except that for some reason that I have never discussed with Nora, the guy never took our tree! And it's still in Nora's driveway. And I suppose we should deal with it, but we haven't.

From my office window, I have been watching it slowly decompose.

Notice anything brown and wretched in this photo?

Look a little more closely!

Why YES! It's our Christmas tree. O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, you're just a pile of brown needles now...

PS: Nora has a tarp on the roof over the suite she has attached to her garage-office. Blue tarps on roofs are not an uncommon site in BC. It rains so damn much, it challenges any roof! There are at least two tarped roofs in our village right now. As for us, we just blew $4000 on a new roof for the flat-topped addition at the back of our house. Flat roofs are a VERY bad idea in a place where there is so much rain!

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