Monday, April 03, 2006

Natalie is the best choice!

I don't know these people, but the girl with the pink do is apparently named Natalie. This is what happens when you tick "public" on your Flickr photos. But they look like nice girls! This is what I learned on the web today:

"Natalie rocks a pink bob better than anyone else"

Okay, search "I went to the mall with Natalie" on Google, and see how many hits you get! My friend Peg got me onto this one. Amazing... I sure get around.

Evidently, I have a friend who is the 14-year-old offspring of a Valley Girl. She also has issues with spelling and grammar:
"Then i went to the mall with natalie and asia! omg and did we see like everyone there! wow! omg and a fight alomst went down"
Moral of the story? If your kid has friends named after continents, teach 'em how to capitalize.

I have another friend who bakes but is rather vacuous:
"Monday, i Made cookies then i went to the mall With natalie. i have decided i should live at the mall i go there too often"

I also helped some stud pick out a new shirt:
"Well yesterday i went to the mall with natalie and i bought a shirt. we helped this guy at american eagle pick out the right size lol."

I also have legions of fans:
A cable insider has a different view: "Natalie is the best choice".

And in case you thought I was just a Canadian artist:
"Natalie is the best bartender in Chicago!"

I also smell quite nice:
"Hayden says Natalie is the best-smelling celebrity."

But I have a dark side:
"Natalie was arrested, and then exonerated when the answering machine tape, which Palmer had stolen, provided proof that the killing was an accident."

"Ever since Natalie was arrested, her peers having been avoiding her"

"Natalie was arrested later on from planet Umora, for consolation of planning to take over all the Koalas' minds and use them to invade Disney World"

And finally:

"By the way I think "Natalie" is a man."

The Internet: use it for good, not evil! (Yeah, right...)

PS: The woman my mother named me after:

Natalie Wood

PPS: I am not a man, I have never killed anyone, and I hate the mall.


  1. nice to know you have such diversity :)

  2. Your peers were avoiding you even before you got arrested.

  3. Could you help me pick out the right size? If only I'd known....


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