Friday, April 21, 2006

Note to self

If you're making a crockpot recipe that involves chicken, chorizo sausage and white beans, and it calls for you to brown the chicken first, then pour in brandy, then ignite it, make sure you're not hanging your head over the pan when you light the match.

HAHAHA! Don't worry, I jumped out of the way in time. This is an artist's rendition only, and a good reminder to me never to overpluck my brows.

At least I didn't pull an "Eileen." My very sweet friend Eileen had a fondue party a little while back. The flame went out on one of the fondues, and before anyone could stop her, she poured fresh fuel on the still-hot burner. Faster than you can say "backdraft", there was burning fuel all over the table, the floor, and her new boyfriend Gary's ARM. For a moment, we all sat there a bit shocked, as we watched Gary lose armhairs by the second. Fortunately somebody finally jumped into action, and after melting a few polyester napkins and the tablecloth, we got Gary's arm, the floor, and the tablecloth extinguished.

Gary was okay, thank goodness, although he's sporting a bit of a scar. And as his co-workers like to say (he and his wife split over a year ago), now he has been burned by TWO women! But Eileen's worth the pain, in my opinion.

(Eileen if you're reading this, just pretend you can't hear me. Lalalala! I can't hear you! Lalalala!)

PS: I really do look like crap without eyebrows.


  1. >>PS: I really do look like crap without eyebrows.

    So, you're assuming you don't look like crap with them?

    Hope the cassoulet is equal to the thrill of its making!

  2. Well, I look like worse crap without, I know that much! :) I think the only thing worse than two missing eyebrows is ONE missing eyebrow!

  3. Who knew there was an instant way to age 10 years? Nice find, Knat... not sure there's a market, though.

  4. Well, it might be useful for those under-agers who want to drink at bars without showing I.D.!


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