Thursday, September 01, 2016

Happy September!

Good grief, it's September! But this summer has been so hot, I don't mind that it's ending. Some days I thought I would melt doing chores in the heat. And now that we've gotten some rain, the drought conditions have eased off and things are greening up a bit.

Everybody is happy about that!

This is Dahlia, born to our pig Ophelia in February 2014. Pot-bellied pigs take at least three years to reach maturity... she's getting there!

And here is her brother Luther, who is really looking like a boy now, with his forehead wrinkles...

...and tusks! This guy is a sweetheart.

I am working on a website for the farm as, among other things, I need to start doing some fundraising for the animals. So I was out yesterday photographing goats for their online bios.

Here is lovely Debbie, one of Genny's twins...

...and here is Annabelle, one of Penny's triplets. She is such a friendly, outgoing goat.

Luc, another of Penny's triplets.

Pierre, Bambi's son.

He was a little tired yesterday! He's a sweet guy. He likes being scratched between the horns.

Here's Annabelle again, with her wonderful ears...

Hawkeye, Genny's son and sister of the aforementioned...


Beautiful Daphne!

Since her Caesarian and health scare this spring, she has recovered fully and has managed to elevate herself to the position of herd queen! Well deserved, I think.

Bert is going GREAT and still getting some milk off Bambi a couple of times a day (whether she likes it or not.)

Bambi and her daughter Emmeline.

Penny on Goat Mountain



Rosie, the triplet who nearly died the day after she was born.

Luc and his sister Rosie.

And our newest pig Patrick, who soon won't be our newest pig, because we are about to take in pig #12 from the OSPCA. A long time ago, we set our pig limit at 12, so this really will be the last pig we take in. We spend so much money on grain and hay, not to mention vet care and meds, that we want to make sure we don't over-extend ourselves. Plus I like to spend time with the animals and make sure they all get attention. I could have 100 pigs if I wanted; there are that many unwanted pet pigs out there. :( The one we are taking in is being seized from a horrible situation. We're looking forward to giving her a better life.

Annabelle and her sister Rosie.

And some equines! Sandy (in her grazing muzzle), Finney, Roo and Saul, out enjoying the pasture!

Have a happy Thursday.


  1. Everyone looks so happy and healthy! You and Gordon (and you team of helpers) do such a wonderful job.
    I am very glad to hit September too. Too hot of a summer for me!

  2. Looking forward to your farm website!

  3. You can always see the smiles and happiness on ALL your animals' faces. That must be very rewarding. You and your husband have given them such a beautiful life...that is so amazing!

  4. I would love to have goats! Yours are amazing!!!

  5. Happy September!! What a great way to begin the month! I can't wait for cooler temps! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. The collection of goats makes for an interesting section of your farm. Goats are clever , active and curious. there's never a dull moment.

  7. Adorable photos. I can see how your animal saving operations would become very expensive. It's too bad you can't train the goats to raise grain and hay. They certainly look clever enough. :)

  8. oh those floppy goat ears.....

  9. Thanks for the wonderful photo update on the livestock. We are still enduring a drought in Boston - ugh. At least the hots have [temporarily] left us.

  10. Daphne is the most beautiful goat ever!

  11. The goats are gorgeous! The only goat I've ever met was Cliff, who came with the acreage my brother and his wife bought about 14 years ago. Cliff died several years ago, and I don't remember him ever looking pretty...he was always a bit seedy looking with wiry hair. But he loved to be scratched between his horns and would but me in the legs if I didn't do it as long as he liked.

    The pigs are fortunate to be part of your farm and family. Good luck to the newest edition.


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