Friday, September 23, 2016


Sorry for the long delay between posts. The last week and a half has been nuts. But I did fit in a whole lot of horseback riding!  And made my television debut, ha ha...

In June, Dave Brown and a crew from AMI This Week came to film a segment about the farm and our rescue animals. It was a ton of fun and here is the result:

Watch it and you'll get a mini tour of the farm and animals! Speaking of which...

Monty is doing well. He is 7 months old now and is going through his annoying teenager phase.

But he's still a good boy. Kevin keeps him in line!

Buttercup is keeping busy with vermin control. She is the best hunter in the barn!

And Millicent... quite possibly the sweetest cat of all.

She has met all the other barn cats now. Her response to all of them was to purr, head-butt them, and wash their fur. She is just adorable.

And that cute little tongue!

Meanwhile, Princess Mootie is very happy these days...

And Alex loves a good box!

Honey and Daisy, who are Buttercup's sisters, were sparring on the bed this morning!

It's not serious, though. :)

And here is Archie, all ready for bed...

This is not a cat...

It's my sweaty horse! I got in two very nice trail rides this week. Yesterday Roo decided that he didn't want to get his feet wet, so he jumped a stream. I managed to stay on, even though I don't do jumps and didn't see this coming.

On today's trail ride, he decided to lie down and roll without giving me any warning. I managed to get out of my saddle when he went down to the ground, and stop him from rolling over and wrecking my saddle! That was a first for me. Sandy did this to Gordon once but she at least gave him some warning by pawing at the ground. Anyway, Roo got right back up and I got right back on.

And last weekend, I took a spin on Gordon horse Sandy!

In between all this, I have been trying to finish extracting and bottling honey...

The OSPCA Friends for Life walk is tomorrow. If you would like to sponsor me, there is still time. Click here to go to my page.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So glad Millicent is fitting in with all the other barn cats. She is a sweetie! Mootie is adorable too. I do love orange cats. Glad to hear you are getting in some trail rides. I don't know how you fit everything in your busy day. I enjoyed the video about you and your farm very much. Take care!

  2. Love the photos of all the animals (especially those cats) and glad you are OK after your jump and tumble off your horse. Good Luck on the run!!

  3. Great video! And love the pics of the cats... and horses... and goat and Monty!
    You are a very busy girl... but at least you are busy doing something you love.

  4. It's not surprising you have a challenge to post. You are very active in many other areas. So when you do post they are fanatic posts.

  5. Tried to watch the video but when I clicked on the link it said I was "entering a dangerous site" (my computer security blocked it).......the kitties are precious, so glad you are able to do some riding, etc. Don't know where you find the time!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Cats are terminally cute even with a mouse stuffed in their face.

  7. Love all your cats; mine are asleep in my studio and behaving themselves for a while! Have a good walk, XOXO


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