Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sponsor me? or him?

Just FYI we are doing the OSPCA Friends for Life Walk again this year, and have ten days to meet our combined sponsorship goal of $3000 ($1500) each. If you would like to sponsor me or Gordon, you can do so at either of these links:

It's in Canadian dollars, so Americans, your dollar goes farther! ;)

We currently have 41 (!) OSPCA rescue animals and it goes without saying the the SD&G OSPCA  is our "pet" charity (Get it? PET? Get it? har har har!)


Thank you in advance for your support. I believe donations over $10 get a tax receipt!


  1. Sorry Gordon, I'm supporting Natalie in this one!! Hugs!

  2. We have been enormously pleased and satisfied with our rescue GSD, Lily. Such good causes are well worth the effort all around...:)


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