Sunday, October 11, 2015

Inishbofin Island

First, let's get this out of the way..., the donkey is not coming home with us!

Today we biked all around Inishbofin island and it was just beautiful!

We took the ferry over from scenic Cleggan...

Yes, we've been eating quite a lot of seafood in Ireland, though no fish and chips yet!

There are many sheep here...

These are the ruins of a 14th-century chapel...

What a stunning spot.

There are beautiful beaches on the island too.

Poor jellyfish!

And some derelict cottages (one of which I saw for sale for 200,000 Euros!!!)

Here comes Gordon! We always wear helmets when biking but threw caution to the wind today. Luckily we survived! We are definitely wearing helmets when we go trail riding on horses tomorrow.

And there he goes!

We relaxed on this stone beach for a while. It so reminds me of Nova Scotia here. I miss living by the north Atlantic.

Note Gordon riding through the sheep!

Words written in stone in the bog.

More of our woolly friends!

Spectacular! Definitely one of the most scenic bike rides I've ever done.

There he is again!

The harbour.

Old lighthouse at entrance to harbour.

The bike ride wore us out!

Hmmm.... looks like it wore Gordon out a bit more than me!!


  1. What a gorgeous landscape!0

    Those cottages are stark and lovely in their own way, but I wouldn't pay the equivalent of $227,000+ U.S. dollars for one.

  2. Lovely. Much like West coast Scotland. A shame I have never been apart from to Dublin by air, which does not really count.

  3. ohhhh my could these photos be any more beautiful? I'll believe you about the donkey once you are home ;)

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I live vicariously through this and other blogs. Thanks for all the details of your wonderful animals and the Ireland trip.

  5. Haha! Love this. It really does look like Nova Scotia. Have fun on the horses.

  6. Cycling is the best way to see a small area. How else would you run into a donkey? Ruins that are left tell such a great story and are a memorial. Here we'd just bring in the bulldozer and clean the site up.

  7. Wow. What a beautiful landscape. I loved looking at all the photos.

  8. I hope the cottage came with several thousand acres; otherwise it sounds a bit expensive.

  9. What an novel way to explore such an idyllic place! Thanks for sharing. Jo

  10. Simply beautiful! Yikes, $200K Euros for a derelict cottage...there is another reason to be thankful I live in Canada.

  11. Yeah, I miss NS, too. Enjoy your trip.

  12. laying on those rocks can not be comfortable!!


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