Saturday, October 10, 2015

From across the pond

I love Ireland. It feels like home. Nova Scotia has landscapes very much like Connemara's, where we are right now. When we first moved to Nova Scotia 17 years ago, IT felt like home.  My paternal grandparents were Irish, and my Dad spent some of his childhood in Ireland. I wonder if some of this stuff just gets into your bones? I'm drawn to the Atlantic ocean and rocky coastlines. And the sense of humour! Everyone here seems to have the same sense of humour that my Dad and his family had/have. Imagine that!

I'm partial to sheep, too.

Gordon likes hanging out with cows.

I could stay here forever.

Any guesses what Gordon was thinking?

My Connemara pony friend!

Home for a week!

Home for next week? 

Renvyle castle. We're staying in Renvyle right now.

We've been enjoying local seafood every night.

This evening I had a huge bowl of mussels.

Gordon had haddock. Beer is turning into a nightly feature, too!

If it weren't for all my animals, I might never go home...


  1. Why am I not surprised that in a post about your trip to Ireland, there are animals at every turn?
    Much envy on this end at your giant bowl of mussels.

  2. Gordon is thinking..."It's not a long way to Tipperary...but it's a long way to home"
    Jane x

  3. Ireland is beautiful but the people make it a special place and I'm not even Irish.

  4. Oh, you lucky girl! Ireland is on my bucket list too. My family immigrated to Canada from Ireland around the mid-1800's and I've always dreamed of finding some Irish cousins and seeing where my great grand-parents were born.

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Beautiful and primal!

  6. Those mussels look huge.... ours are much smaller here. And why no Guinness?

  7. It does get into your bones. I get the same feeling in Norway and Iceland. You are absolutely right about not coming back if not for the animals. I get very misty-eyed when I leave.

  8. Ireland is a special place. My family went from Ireland to England and finally to the US and Canada. We visited in 1998... and although I've never been fond of beer, I fell in love with Guiness. Enjoy your visit!

  9. Your photos have been beautiful and you both look so relaxed and happy. I wonder what it would take to move all your kids across. In any case, your stories and pictures have us thinking about a trip to Ireland.

  10. That does look wonderful. Fresh air, seafood, beer.. bet you've never had a better night's sleep.

  11. Wonderful photos . Glad you both are having a good time ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !


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