Monday, April 06, 2015

Ready to go!

So, the passports and paperwork are all ready for the Greek quartet, and we sadly must leave this island on Wednesday (sad for me, anyway... it's supposed to snow at home tonight!)

At the Veterinarian Department of the South Aegean Region, I found myself...

...and adorable one-eyed black cat! I was tempted to steal her away, but no, she is loved! Apparently the gruff fellow at the office is a big softie at heart. One of the women there told us that he found this cat near death and saved her. You can tell she is loved; she's very trusty and affectionate, and while we were there, we watched Mr. Gruff get all sucky over her in his lap! :)

Soon the Quartet will be on their way to Canada...

Annuk, a real beauty. She sat in my lap the other day!

Amber is shy but lovely. I am working on winning her over. She's a lovely cat.

On Easter, the bunny left a KinderEgg on my doorstep!

I put together the toy inside, which was a spinning top. Amber came to visit me and was VERY interested in the top...

Right after this photo was taken, she grabbed it and ran off into the garden. I will never see my top again! :)

This is Archie. He's a wonderful boy.

The four of them are very sweet together.

Archie, with Annuk behind him.


Annuck, all boxed up and ready to go!

If you are interested in adopting any of these cats when I get back to Canada, let me know. Read more about their story and their personalities here.

And this handsome boy is Ruben...

Gordon doesn't know yet, but I have fallen in love with Ruben and am working on a way to get him to Canada at a later date. He's a very special cat! We've spent a lot of time cuddling the past few days.


  1. Natalie, you are amazing. Absolutely amazing! You have a big heart. The kitties, all of them, are beautiful and so lucky to have you.

  2. Safe journey all of you!
    Jane x

  3. Such beautiful cats...they are in for quite a surprise when they get to Canada!

  4. Sorry you have to leave the Greek Island, but I'm sure you will find a reason to return. I would. The cats are really handsome. I don't think you will have trouble finding them homes. Have a safe trip!

  5. Oh how I wish I could come get Annuk off you when you land! Got to check this week's lottery ticket!

  6. Passports for kitties?
    I'd wonder what else Amber has in her hidy spot. My cat uses under my granddaughter's bed, far back corner. We move the bed to vacuum once in a while and the collection is amazing. Socks, of course, ping pong balls, the little things my bil puts between his toes.....

  7. A beautiful people and haunting landscape. I took students there once in the nineties. Of course we did the history thing and I was in heaven...:)

  8. You should have a great time as a reward for what you are doing to rescue these critters.

  9. Cats sure know how to "work" you. That Ruben... He saw you coming and thought, I'll have some of that :)

    Thanks for sharing the views and news of your trip

  10. I wish you and kitties safe travels. I hope the four of them find the forever homes very quickly!

  11. you are always welcome to post the quartet or any other kitties on Cody's facebook fan are welcome to do it without my permission. Safe travels! Those kittens are beyond exquisite!

  12. So much love in this photos. So, I thought I'd just tell you ... if I haven't already ... you are my idol! Hope it's a safe trip home (you're probably already on your way).

  13. We wish you and the kitties a safe trip home, dear angel. We have a feeling that Gordon might not be surprised that Ruben will be coming to Canada.
    Your Gordon is a very special fellow.


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