Sunday, April 19, 2015

Of tools and Greek kitties and ponies...

Gordon plopped this on the bed yesterday morning...

I was briefly startled, but then thrilled! After years of me complaining about never being able to find a tool when I need it (because Gordon loses them all), I now have my very own FANTASTIC SET OF NEW TOOLS!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Even I didn't know quite how happy it would make me. I marched off to my beehives yesterday and used the smallest squarehead screwdriver to remove some screws I hadn't been able to take out for want of the proper tool.

Speaking of proper tools, if my darling husband lays a hand on any of these, I'll be using that substantial hammer.


Meanwhile, my darling Archie and Annuk await their forever homes...

Of course they will always have a home here, but they are such lovely cats, it would be great to see them go somewhere special. Archie is adorable, playful and affectionate with a sense of humour. He gets along great with other cats. 

Annuk is a real beauty and also very affectionate. She has the cutest quacky little meow! She is Archie's sister and they are both eight months old. She too gets along great with other cats. 

She has a lot to say...

A very chatty little girl!!

Meanwhile, Finney and Esme were enjoying the sunshine and wind yesterday...

My handsome boy!

Love those velvety noses!

She's still shedding her winter coat. 

They both love to pick through the manure pile. And roll in mud!
Hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. Oh awesome ! I like new tools , tractors and what not to . Yes some of us country women like the strangest things dont we? Lovely photos . Hope the kitties find a forever home soon . I love kissing those velvet pony noses lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. We have a set of tools in the studio that my brother-in-law may not touch when he looses his own.

  3. So much beauty. I hope Archie and Annuk soon have new homes (or a home together). Ah, to have wind-blown hair like Finney.

  4. I bet your husband was quite proud at how successful his surprise was!
    When I see those two Greek kitties it makes me want a house sooooooooo bad!!

    Your horses are just exquisite too!

  5. My late husband, a carpenter, put together tool kits for my four daughters (his stepdaughters). Those tool kits are their most prize possessions and gawd help any man to tries to abscond with any of it!

  6. You lucky duck! Chris has a unique system for his he knows where he last put them, I can never find them.
    Jane x
    PS There is no blog for The REAL Maple Syrup Mob now...they make guest appearances.

  7. Tools! Everybody needs their own set of tools. I'll give you a hot tip. Get a good quality cordless drill.

  8. I scoff at the idea of pink or light purple tools. but it does often serve the purpose of keeping one's husband out of the woman's tool box. :)

  9. I have my own little bucket of tools too. Although my husband does sneak out a few once in awhile! All your creatures look very happy. Annuk and Archie are adorable.

  10. You lucky duck!

  11. We all still have lots of our winter coats too. It rained ice this morning. Brrrr


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