Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter walkies

Just before our current warm spell (my bees were out flying today!), I took the dogs for a nice walk in the late afternoon. The snow was frozen so hard (there was over a foot in the fields) that the dogs could walk on top without breaking through. I didn't break through much on my snowshoes either.

After the thawing of the past couple of days, with some rain, it's all a big mess. Temps are supposed to drop back down tomorrow.

Sophie is not a fan of being photographed, but because she wants to please me, she'll hold a sit-stay while I click away. But she was looking over at the free-ranging Tristan!

The skies are beautiful in winter.

"Please Mummy, can I go now?" 

Yes you can, Sophie!

And Gordon has a fundraising campaign on for our local animal shelter, the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA. If you're on Twitter, follow Gordon (@gsclawfirm) then follow the shelter (@ospcasdg) and voilà, $1 will be donated to the shelter. They hope to get 5000 follows by January 31st! Please spread the word.

PS: A sad note about that Mallard we tried to rescue the other day. He was taken to the excellent Wild Bird Care Centre in Nepean, but sadly they couldn't save him. The duck had an open fracture of his wing, and infection had set in. But I am glad he didn't die a lingering death out in the bitter cold. I hope the Mallard felt loved and cared for.


  1. Wow..those are gorgeous photos of the sky. I love the look on Sophie in the first one. Deb

  2. Great sunset and reflections from the snow.

  3. I know all about Kathy and Mojo from that centre!
    The expression on Sophie's face is are those sky shots!
    Jane x

  4. Sophie is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  5. If it WASN'T for those skies; winter would be intolerable.

  6. Love the pics. But still, I do not miss winter. So far we have not have a single snow flake. Hopefully it stays that way. Sophie is beautiful.

  7. Oh, Sophie! Do you think maybe she could learn to hide just a bit her disdain for the camera?

  8. The look on Sophie's face kills me! You should have a caption contest with that one!

  9. Sophie is a good girl to sit for you when her eyes are trained on where she really wants to be. Sorry to hear the duck didn't make it.

  10. Your blog reminds me to look for the beauties of winter. I do not do Twitter or Facebook so can't help.


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