Friday, January 03, 2014

A Mallard in need, and some cat humiliation!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it's a great year for you all!

So today Bernie, the farmer who ploughs the snow out of our laneway, rings the doorbell and asks me if I want to take in a Mallard. 

But of course!

This poor little guy has a wing injury...

Bernie caught him today and gave him some food and water.  He was eating well but can't fly. Bernie figured he was either shot by a hunter or got caught up in a line. Either way, is wing is badly flipped out and probably broken. 

A few phone calls later, and I had him all lined up to be taken to the local animal shelter, from where he will be taken to the Wild Bird Care Centre tomorrow morning. I drove him down there and met up with Bonnie the Inspector/Agent. She'd just come back from rescuing a Starling caught in a chimney. The little bird had been throwing itself against some duct tape (blocking the chimney at the bottom or some such thing.) It got some adhesive in its feathers, so it's off to the Centre along with ducky tomorrow!

Not a peep as I drove the poor Mallard down to the shelter. I put a towel over the cage to keep it dark.

It has been bitterly cold the past few days. I took a photo of my hatless, gloveless husband trudging to the car as I laughed from the warmth of the kitchen. The windchill yesterday was almost -40, which is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius, i.e. F*%#ing COLD!!!!

And now for some cat humiliation! Look at the new tie-dyed t-shirts I got from Scrotchy, other half of Trish at at the Katnip Lounge....

Emily as as wigged out as she looks in this photo! But it looked so ADORABLE on her!

Louise took it like a trooper!

But poor Alex got to try on a couple of new hats I bought from iHeartNeedlework on Etsy...

Oh dear. And I have several more for him to try on. HAHAHAHA!

Speaking of Alex, guess who was one of the ten prize winners in the OSPCA iAdopt contest? YES! ALEX!  On January 6th, they are picking a grand prize winner who will appear in OSPCA promotional materials next year. Cross your fingers that Alex gets the top prize. And thanks to everyone who voted for him!

Oh dear...


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Alex looks mortified in that last photo!

  2. Congrats to Alex - I hope he wins!

  3. Bless you for helping Mr. Drake! are MY type of person; you cat-humiliator, you...LOVE the hats and *naturally*, the tie dye is cute! Thanks!

  4. A friend lived on the Maine coast for several years. She rescued a cat who came to love infant tee's during those long cold winters. When he grew old he wore them year round. In Connecticut.

  5. The shame..the shame.
    Jane's cats

  6. Thank you for the time and energy used in cold weather to rescue our feathered friend. I am glad today to be on this side of the Rockies for a change.

  7. You did the right thing by putting a towel over the mallard's cage . It works like magic.

  8. Poor old Duck. We have a dove who comes to our feeders who has something wrong with his wing, but he manages to fly OK. Horrible to see injured animals. Well done.

  9. what's next for those cats? bikinis? :)
    I hope those poor feathered guys survive!

  10. Where is the human society when you need it? So funny. Thank you for saving the poor little ducky.

  11. Could dressing up your cats just possibly be the first stage of serious cabin fever? Just saying.
    And thank you. Not many blogs make me actually laugh out loud.

  12. Congratulations to Alex! A winner should wear medals, not silly hats :)) But he wears them well and he looks just gorgeous on the last photo!

  13. Yay Alex! (And, yes, of course I voted for him!) The first shot of Turkey Alex is especially funny with the blades of the ceiling fan behind him... like a propellor on top of his head.

    If I ever did that to our cats (well, TRIED to do that to our cats), they'd both have nervous breakdowns and they wouldn't let me near them for days!

  14. With all this cold weather, the hats should cover the ears!

  15. I'm crossing my fingers for you, Alex!
    My kitty brats would never let me get away with that sort of a fashion show =)


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