Wednesday, January 08, 2014

WIld, wild, wild...

Gordon got me a great wildlife cam for Christmas, and I FINALLY managed to catch some wildlife on it! I set it up in our woodlot and look who showed up:

Wild turkeys! I wonder if one of them became the coyote meal I talked about in my last post?

Speaking of which...

...a few days later, voilà, coyote! And several degrees colder, I might add (temperature is at the bottom left in each photo!)

Bye bye!

Then I got a bunny...

...can you make him out towards the lower right? And check out the temperature! He's an intrepid bunny!

You can just see his eye-shine in this one. There are some low-hanging spruce branches near there, and  the rabbits like to gnaw on them. Lots of bunny poop all around!

THere are a pair of eyes shining at the bottom right of the above photo, too, but it's not a bunny. Maybe a weasel?

And the next day...


Note the time. 14:28 on Jan. 4th, the day we went snowshoeing with our godson and his parents and their four dogs.

Half an hour later...

That's not a fox! It's a NS Duck Tolling Retriever!

And now there are two of them!

Sydney and Tusket clearly smelled the fox that had been there half an hour earlier!

And there's Marie-Emmanuelle!

I reset the camera the day after, and went out to fetch it today.

There's Tristan!

And me! No wildlife pics this time, sigh. We had a bunch of rain and freezing rain on Sunday night, which then froze solid over the camera lens. Looks like it thawed out today. I have repositioned the camera and will try again. Stay tuned!


  1. I'd love to put that type of camera out here.
    Great pics of the locals!
    Jane x

  2. That was fun. Do it again. I especially like the part of leaning back and enjoying while your nimble young self does all the work. Thanks!

  3. What a most interesting idea! As Joanne suggest, do put on the pictures as they come. It will be interesting to see all the animals that visit in a year! You could also tell us what the camera is. I might look into getting one!

  4. Looks like your woodlot is a busy little corner!

  5. You are going to have a lot of fun with this gizmo and we are going to enjoy it.

  6. We hope your kitties are all indoor cats! The very small town my parents lived in was a haven for wildlife, too. We'll really enjoy your Christmas present :)

  7. This is so great, being able to enjoy the wildlife in their day to day life. Clearly you chose a great spot for the camera. I am looking forward to seeing more rabbits and foxes, not in the same frame though, hmmm

  8. You have way toooooo much fun. Good for you.I want a camera, too. Hope the cold is going away soon.

  9. Wow, what a great sequence of wildlife photos! I haven's seen any wild turkeys this winter but I'm sure they're around the area somewhere. There were two cottontail rabbits I'd see in the wooded lot after dark but one night I saw a fox streak past and now there are none. I suppose they make a nice warm meal on a cold winter night and as an animal lover, I shouldn't favor the bunnies over the fox. But, it still makes me sad.

  10. (Hey! My comment didn't appear. Attempt #2)

    Thanks for sharing these neat images. I'm amazed at how these animals can survive and thrive in harsh outdoor conditions.

  11. Well, the intrepid bunny IS a Canadian bunny, after all! Love the pix.


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