Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feline shenanigans!

I live in a madhouse...

Welcome to my desk, where I was trying to get some writing done. I've been working on a bee book for kids. I think I'm nearly at a first draft, but I am still not sure of what format this is all going to take. Workin' on it! The cats do not help. I wonder what Julius is saying?

That black and white pic in the back is me and our English Setter Gina, around 1970 when I was 6. I really loved that dog! And my friend Judy got me that great bee mug when she was visiting the Czech Republic.

And Alex got a gift pack from the OSPCA for being a finalist in the iAdopt contest!

Here he is, checking it out while Emily looks disgusted that I have disturbed her nap.

I think Alex has the most beautiful green eyes.

And here's TAG-TEAM TROUBLE...

Louise, who is a complete hellion (I'm sure she is related to Audrey over at Just Cats) is infecting old Julius with her evil ways. They were "helping" Gordon bake a lemony dessert the other night!

"What? No, of course I wasn't licking batter out of that bowl!"

"Please. My sheep friend and I are having a moment. Can't you leave us alone?"

And the other night, Tristan was very tired after a long hard day of being a dog...

Sweet old boy. He's still doing very well after having his spleen and a six-pound hemangiosarcoma removed from his belly this past summer. We all take life one day at a time.

And if you want to help our local OSPCA shelter (from whence came Alex AND Louise), please spread the word about Gordon's fundraising Twitter campaign. Two follows (@gsclawfirm and @ospcasdg) is all it takes to earn a $1 donation for the shelter (out of Gordon's pocket), up to $5000, which is our lofty goal for January 31st. Rather than spend funds on advertising, Gordon does a fundraising thing like this for our OSPCA shelter in Cornwall every year.

Spread the word! :)

Have a great day that hopefully doesn't involve kittens breaking your favourite pottery candle holder! ;)


  1. So what was in Alex's gift set? Curious cats want to know :)

  2. It looks like there is far too much fun going on over at your house.

  3. Oh, that's not a madhouse. You should see what it's like at my place. That's a veritable Animal House!

  4. And what did Alex receive?

  5. That is one wonderful family. So glad the cats understand boundaries, like no sitting on the kitchen counters (as if). Actually, ours are much better trained than yours. They don't (usually) go on the counters... when we're looking.

  6. Madhouse you say? At night I am on alert these days as new cat Zena is attacking poor gentle Manitou - I have devised a screen of sorts made from a gardening item to protect his sleeping area upstairs. And then there's the new kitten - but she is good as gold :)

  7. Get any orange or gray furs in that lemony dessert? You know, it's just extra fiber...........

  8. Anonymous8:16 pm

    That first photo is a real classic! And Tristan. . . what a sweet, sweet picture. I hope the fundraiser is a huge success.

  9. I delight in reading your cat blogs. They make me smile so I thank you for that.


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