Monday, June 24, 2013

Parade o' horses!

No, not mine but I reallyreallyreally want some horses!! We're working on it.

On Friday evening, I went to the Horse Parade in Maxville. My two favourite horses were there...

Limerick and Sarah the Belgians!

These two belong to our friends Jake and Sam.

Here's Jake and his friend Colin lounging about before the race. The horses were bathed and groomed within an inch of their lives. They looked gorgeous!

They are magnificent when they're in action!

RareBreeds Canada was there with a beautiful pair of oxen. Even rarer, they are twins. 

I think the breed is Canadienne.

There were lots of other lovely horses in the staging area...

And then the parade began!

Firefighters, not horses! :)

Sam in front of his team.

Everyone looking very noble indeed.

Then my camera battery crapped out and I had to switch to my iPhone!

Yeah, this guy had the glamour job in the parade!

I love this mule team.

THere were teeny-weeny horses, too.

I have no clue how anyone manages to ride sidesaddle like this lady. Amazing!

Here come the oxen!

But my heart belongs to these two.


  1. That is one parade I know I would love! I really like the oxen :)

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  3. What fun. Wish I could have been there. Limerick and Sarah are gorgeous. As for Rolland and Sons... talk about a crappy parade float!

  4. That last photo is a beauty - what a wonderful capture. I'm not big on parades, but I would have enjoyed this one. I love heavy horses and I can totally understand why you would want some. I hope you get your wish!

  5. Love the last photo, Natalie. Aren't they magnificent. Those wee horses are so darn cute.

  6. Yes, as Elaine and Deb said, that last picture is a winner!
    Jane x

  7. Awesome parade. There's something majestic about many of these animals. Then some of them are very highly trained.

  8. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Great pics, especially the last one. Uneeda horse.

  9. So, how much longer does it take you, to get your own horses!?

  10. What a fun day that must have been! I love horses but I find them too intimidating to get close to.

  11. Love the last photo, they look very lovey dovey!


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