Sunday, June 02, 2013

A rare sighting... in a dress. Happens once  or twice a year!!

We had a family wedding to go to yesterday in the Thousand Islands in Gananoque.  I put on a dress, farmer's tan and all! That tree next to me is the Japanese flowering plum we planted in memory of my friend Carol, who died in 2007. It is doing so well! I like to think that's it's responding to her positive energy out there somewhere in the universe. I'm amazed at how much shade it is casting now.

It looked like this when I planted it in September, 2008:

I love that I can now stand under it and be shaded. :)

We picked up Gordon's Mom in Cornwall to take her along to the wedding. She and Gordon serendipitously colour-coordinated!

And as it turned out, the bride and groom choose purple and orange as their theme colours, so these two matched perfectly!

I discovered that I no longer own eye shadow. Oops. I did find some lipstick...

I have gone feral living on this farm. I used to own more dresses, fancier shoes, eye shadow, even mascara!!!

Here's our couple self-portrait before the outdoor ceremony:

The weather was hot but were comfy in the shade. As soon as we moved indoors for the reception, the skies opened up. Thunder and lightning and several hours of torrential rain. I'm glad it held off.

That's one of the Thousand Islands behind us! Don't ask me which one.

The groom is Gordon's... let me think.... second cousin once removed, I believe! He and his new wife are very into sports and love cycling. I thought their cake-topper was really cute:

And they had a cupcake tower instead of a regular cake:

Each table had a candy theme. We were at the Werther's Original table. Because I ordered the chicken entree, there was a chicken on my place card, which I thought was very appropriate!

And there was some excitement over the menu...

OH MY! A poutine bar!! Tragically, we had to leave before they rolled the poutine bar out! We had a two-hour drive home and had to drop off G's Mom as well, so we left at 10:30  pm. I usually party a little heartier than that. Oh well! I did get a couple of dances in with Gordon.

The bride was beautiful! She is a francophone from Montreal, he is an anglophone from Toronto. I think they'll have a long and happy marriage, but I suspect she will always be a Habs fan while he will remain loyal to the Leafs. They are both big hockey lovers!

I thought the purple and orange theme was fun. The bride had orange pumps on her feet, and the groom wore orange socks!

They look so young to me! Hard to believe 20 years has passed since our own wedding. 

And apologies for doing a poor job lately of responding to comments and visiting blogs. It's been a madhouse around here, with my office torn apart, a giant roof going over the duck/chicken run (pictures of that soon!), getting my vegetable garden in, and looking after my bees as their populations explode. I will try to do better in the weeks to come! Thanks for hanging in. :)


  1. What a beautiful wedding--who says you have to spend and arm and a leg for this special occasion? I love your dress and you and Gordon make a gorgeous couple,XOXO

  2. Looks like a fabulous wedding. I love out-door ceremonies. Our son, John and daughter, Jess both said their vows outside. The menu looks amazing. Wow, what a choice. Love the orange and purple. Whodathought it would look that good. You do sound busy. Life in the country, eh!

  3. What a lovely affair. How nice that it turned out to be good weather while you were outdoors. The cake topper is adorable!

    1. It really suited them. Young and fun!

  4. We had a lovely weekend in a B&B in Gananoque once..there was a crazy thunderstorm, so we legged it back to the B&B and their lovely great dane. It was a pretty place though.
    Jane x

    1. Ooo, Great Danes, love Great Danes!

  5. What a beautiful wedding! You look so nice all dressed up! I hardly ever get dressed up anymore, so it is fun to put on some nice clothes every once in a while. The menu does sound delicious, although I have no idea what a poutine bar is...

  6. Quite fetching, Ma'am! You clean up nicely.

    I've never seen orange used as a wedding color. Most unusual, but pretty.

    Our neighbors had a party for a bridal couple Saturday night and the bride's colors were blush and bashful--right out of Steel Magnolias.

    1. WHy thank you Ma'am! :) I got most of the dirt out from under my fingernails.

      Blush and bashful, so sweet!

      The orange and purple suited this couple. They were lots of fun!

  7. Looks like a fabulous wedding !
    Love the orange and purple color theme <3

  8. You look lovely :-) You don't need the eye-shadow or any other makeup.

    I love that cake tower, it looks like such a fun wedding :-)

    1. Thank you! :) The cake tower was great.

  9. Anonymous3:34 pm

    All of you look fantastic! What a fun wedding---love the cupcake tower. I don't even own a dress any more, but I made a deal with my granddaughter that I'd wear one to her wedding when she gets married. She's ten, so I think I've got a few years left to find one. :)

  10. Don't you look a bobby dazzler? ...gone feral? I don't think so!


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