Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cat on a bird chair

Julius loooooves the new chair we bought...

Maybe because the fabric has birds on it? I put a towel on it to control the cat hair, but of course Julius had to burrow under it for his nap!

Then he decided to check out the camera!

"It's my chair now!"

Meanwhile, I was in Ottawa yesterday and picked this up at the bookstore...

I heard some interesting converstions in there...

"Well, I'm off to Cameroon to catch babies."


"Oh, your new tattoo is delightful. What is it?"

"A viking compass!"

(Vikings had compasses?!)


"Do you have any books on midwifery in sub-Saharan Africa?"

At which point I slunk off to the cash with my tattoo-less body and copy of Hot Guys and Cute Chicks, feeling very unaccomplished and un-inked!

It was the Singing Pebble bookstore, which I like very much. It's sort of new-agey but they have some great, carefully-selected books in there. Okay, so Hot Guys and Cute Chicks may not be particularly deep, but the captions with the photos are pretty hilarious. And in my defense, I have also bought books on yoga, writing and cooking in there!

I had tagged along with Gordon to Ottawa for the afternoon, and took this iPhone portrait at the end of the day:

From now on,  I think I should always be photographed with my iPhone. It seems to have erased ten years of wrinkles!


  1. Wrinkles or not (and I can't see any), you are one fun chick.

  2. Hot guys and cute chicks? The bottom photo, right?
    Jane x

  3. Love the photo and I agree, my iPhone photos make me look a little younger too! Hot guys and Cute Chicks, hmmmmmm, sounds interesting:-D

  4. You obviously bought Julius a new throne!

  5. Someone I knew once told me he got a Viking Compass tattoo, which seemed odd to me, too.

    It turned out to be a magical Icelandic symbol that was supposed to protect people in rough weather. Apparently, the real Viking Compass, a Viking Sunstone, was actually a mineral.

    The Icelandic symbol, I suppose, makes for a good tattoo (protection in rough weather, metaphorically, too). It's just not what a lot of people think it is.

    But sorry. I've got to run. I'm a Sub-Saharan midwife and I've got to get to Cameroon and catch some babies. (Do you suppose you could get that calendar guy to help me?)

  6. Aww looks like Julius really likes the new chair. He is so cute! I've never seen that book of guys with chicks, oh my gosh!

  7. Julius know how to do things. I must get an Iphone *smile*.


  8. Beautiful chair.....!!! Claws?

  9. Woohoo for cameras that make us look younger!

  10. yep, you are more beautiful than ever. We were just discussing our departed Ryon tonight. I had a chair recovered, and to save it from cat hair I tucked a small rug around the corners of the seat. The first time Ryon jumped in he went straight back up like on a pogo stick, cleared the arm, landed on the floor. He never went back to that chair. He was such a scardey cat, we also opined he may have scared himself to death.

  11. Hot Guys and Cute Chicks sounds, um, riveting. Where can I buy a copy? And though I don't see any wrinkles on you, when I see my own I figure I've earned every one of them. : )

  12. I've got a copy of 'Midwifery around southern Mongolian coal-mines' if that's any good!

  13. So is it the iPhone 4 because I am tellin' ya....I don't get those results with my iPhone 3. ;) Just sayin'


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