Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday leftovers...

For Christmas, our friends included a little present for the cats in our box of goodies....

"Get this thing off me NOW or I will excise your eyeballs with my claws and have them for supper!"

"Do I look like a circus clown to you?? Wait, don't answer that."

"Lemme go Daddy! Lemme go!"

"Please take it off!"
"Not yet, Emily. Mummy's taking photos."
"Right.My name is Emily Rowe-Campbell. You killed my dignity. Prepare to die!"

"Are you seriously telling me you don't have enough photos yet?!"

Meanwhile, for Boxing Day I made...

...latkes with sour cream and apple sauce! I'm thinking of starting a Boxing Day tradition. I do love Jewish food! This recipe belonged to my friend Deb's mother Rose, and I hope that she would forgive me for using red onions. We were out of white. Tasted the same but the dark flecks were less aesthetically pleasing.

And today, that whopper of a snowstorm that has been troubling the USA is moving in...

They are predicting 20 cm/8 in of snow, which doesn't sound that bad to me, but it's blowing around and visibility is poor. I'm glad neither of us has to drive anywhere today.

The birds have to eat, whatever the weather.

Emily loves watching bird TV from my office window!

This doesn't look so bad, until I realize that I can usually see acres of fields beyond that big old white spruce. Not today!

Whatever you're up to today, I hope no one sticks a frilly belled collar around your neck!


  1. My gang are calling the authorites as I type...expect a miaow at the door.
    Jane x

  2. I got a chuckle out of the smoldering fury in the kitty's eyes. No cat takes kindly to superficial adornment. They know they are perfect just the way they are!

  3. AAAWWWW... I could seriously take some more of these fantastic photos! Why oh why don't cats like to pose for us with such cute accessories?

    All that snow looks so lovely...

  4. Levely pics. Have a nice holidays!

  5. Your cats clearly do not have a well developed sense of humour! I predict that something gets pushed off a dresser or the new couch gets clawed as payback for the indignities. We had quite the storm here and it was a struggle getting the chicken coop door open this morning!

  6. Lovely latkes. I believe the red flakes are festive. Give a cat some sour cream to improve the sour expression.
    The storm is moving out, but not quickly. Skies totally overcast in preparation for tomorrow's new bout of snow.

  7. I forgot to say... Your lovely Christmas card arrived today! Lovely xx

  8. No frilly belled collar around my neck :)
    My mom-person have ONE day off today :)
    No snowstorm :)
    Really icy roads = Yes !
    Glad I´m not going anywhere tonight :)

  9. I just love the photos of Emily *smile*. I wish you a good continuation.


  10. Hee hee. Cat Stare of Death. She's so pretty, even with the evil expression in that first photograph! Your place looks so lovely in the snow!

  11. Our snow stopped in the middle of the night - now it's just cold. I'm staying snuggled in with the cats.

  12. You realise it won't be a toy rat on your chest tomorrow morning..

  13. Our pets have a way of telling us that they're not made for add ons.
    I'm now going to look for lutkes on line. they look so good!
    And I'm hoping you have a nice storm not a bad one!

  14. I entirely agree with your cats, but I can't stop Lady M putting tinsel collars on the dogs for Christmas. I hope your snow goes soon; none here so far, thank goodness!


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