Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fur and feathers

Playing around with my new mini iPad the other night, I caught this typical shot of bedtime in our household...

Emily and Naomi, the "thermal camera" version!

Meanwhile, down in the barn, Jimette doesn't quite get the concept of a heated bucket for DRINKING...

All freshened up!

ANd when I came out of the barn, I found this. Amazingly, I had my camera in hand and made the dogs hold a stay until I could take one shot...

Once they heard the click of the camera, the ran towards me!

And here's Alex in the cat-trap...

He loooves boxes, but what cat doesn't?

And Emily and Naomi remain obsessed by the birds outside my office window:

Tails in action:

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you are there.

  2. So many great pictures!


  3. Haha nice you added a pool for the ducks!

  4. What duck wouldn't enjoy a warm bath in the cold winter? :D

  5. I'm a shower person...but when I have a chill, a nice soak in a warm tub does the trick! Looks like Jimette agrees! Brrrrr it looks cold there:-D

  6. "Ducks gotta swim and birds gotta fly"...isn't that the way the song goes?

  7. Awww, Jimette SO loved that warm bath!

  8. Those tails had me humming "Dueling Banjos"!

  9. What duck wouldn't enjoy a warm bath in the cold winter?
    and like you wrote wich cat don´t enjoy a good box :D

  10. Your bedtime looks very similar to ours. Rocky has been quite upset that Dave's not been here for bedtime these last few days. Dave is either going to get completely ignored or snuggled to death when he gets home tomorrow.


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