Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy NYE and a bit more snow snow snowity snow!

Happy New Year's eve! Have fun and PLEASE don't drink and drive. Impaired driving charges are no fun; injury and death are even worse. Just don't do it. Gordon really doesn't want to have to represent you on a DUI.

Now that my public service announcement is done, here's more SNOW! I took these last Friday, the day after the biggest storm:

Although we got about a foot of snow, the roads were all cleared by the next morning and driving wasn't a problem. I thought it was so pretty along this road, with the blue sky and bright sun on the snow.

But this car won't be going anywhere for a little while...

It really is pretty around here right now!

Ye olde farm is still standing.

We got a few more inches on Saturday. I had to dig a path to the birdbath and feeder. I have an immersion heater for the birdbath and keep it filled all winter.

Sophie can't normally walk up to this hanging feeder and help herself!! The snow is really deep.

The garage.

The picnic table is slowly disappearing.

Snow is building up on the barn roof.

The beehives are wearing snow hats!

Tristan doesn't mind the snow at all.

Our back deck is buried.

The cats won't be going out in their cat cage for quite some time!

Typical winter in Canada, at least, this how it's supposed to be. Last winter was messed up and too warm.

The drifts behind the barn are really deep.

The little duckhouse (we don't use it in winter) is getting buried as well.

I don't know what's going on in the hives, but I hope everyone's alive! 

Have a wonderful New Year's eve and thank you to all of you for reading my blog. I love your comments and you make me very happy. :)


  1. Oh, Wow! That looks so beautiful. Magical even.

    Magical and cooooold!


  2. We have all that beautiful snow, too, but no blue skies and sunshine to make it sparkle. There's always tomorrow. Happy new year!

  3. Ooooh, those pictures are fabulous. I'd willingly have the snow and blue skies in exchange for all our rain!
    It's been an absolute pleasure reading your blog Natalie.
    Happy New Year to you and Gordon too. Jx

  4. OK, I admit, it IS pretty. But so darn cold!

  5. Happy New Year, Knatolee! Enjoy the snow.

  6. Wow, it really is pretty with the blue sky and snow. You really do have a lot of snow. Bet it is so much fun walking through all the stuff.
    We sure do wish you a very Happy New year for you and the animals. Take care.

  7. Knatolee - have a brilliant new year...and we must remind each other come March 24th to go back to these joyful snow photos to remind ourselves just how beautiful this country is in the winter and how much we really do love the stuff!

  8. Fantastic album. A great year to all the breathing species at the farm.

    I'll try to remain sober when I use the walker. Don't want to give any problem to our favourite lawyer

  9. Your house looks so cozy nestled there in the snow.

  10. Photographers like you think you've died and gone to heaven with all the opportunity new snow gives you. You didn't get you fix last year because the snow missed you. Anyway I enjoyed all your snow shots.
    My son also has a Sophie.

  11. What a lovely set of images. I'm especially amazed at the one that shows your kitchen window being snowed up. I have a Canadian friend and now I see what she misses every winter since she came to live here in New Zealand. I want a Northern hemisphere winter! Maybe in 2014-15... Saving up...

  12. So beautiful, but admittedly, I have to say...I'm glad it's not here:-D Happy New Year, Natalie. I just love coming to your blog and getting to know you, XOXO

  13. Pouring here this morning; I'd ALMOST prefer your snow. The dogs will have to wait for their morning walk. Very best wishes, Cro xx

  14. Proper winter! Happy new year!

  15. The cat cage looks like an art installation.

    Happy New Year!

  16. Anonymous9:54 am

    Gorgeous! A younger me would say it looks like great cross country skiing weather.


  17. Looks fantastic! I would be strapping on some xc skis and heading off into that in a flash!

  18. Happy New Year! I wish we've had more snow too.

  19. Hee's hoping that you and Gordon have a great new year Nat!

  20. I can't get over how lovely it is. All that beautiful snow! I would love to be out there in my high boots, heavy coats and running, or jumping, through the snow with my dogs. My dog, Shadow, would love the cold. He hates the heat. Enjoy your lovely weather. I wish you and yours all the very best for the New Year!!


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