Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wholly inappropriate

Wholly inappropriate cat behaviour, that is. Emily is not supposed to be lounging on the kitchen counter, practically mocking the dogs' treat box!

She did have the grace to take her head off her tomato pillow before I shot this.

And turning around, we find ...

...Alex, not only on the table but on my purse! Two strikes!

Somehow, I don't think Emily gives a damn.

And neither does Alex.

Far too much catitude in this household!

We did fine in last night's storm. The power stayed on. My mini-pumpkins blew off the porch, and that was it. My thoughts are with those in the US who suffered true devastation from Hurricane Sandy.


  1. I'm so glad you're all OK.
    Yes, the news from the US is dreadful. So many people affected and so much damage. What is happening to our weather, I wonder. Either storms or drought.

    1. We get the odd small tornado around these parts, but hurricanes aren't usually an issue. Blizzards can be, but usually in a snowstorm you just hunker down and wait it out. I fear an ice storm more, as the great Ice Storm of 1998 devastated this hour. Our farm was without power for two weeks in winter (we didn't live here then.) We plan to buy a generator very soon!

  2. I don't need to tell you that I have the same thing going on here. They just love to be in-your-face level. That is why I set boxes here and there at the end of tables so I can move them easier.
    Crazy day, eh? Warm as toast here.

  3. It's only a serious problem when they step in your freshly iced brownies, living pawprints....ask me how I know...

  4. Er....you mean it's NOT the law for cats to be on the counter? We've been conned!
    Jane x

  5. It's not serious until they start leaving pawprints in freshly-iced brownies - ask me how I know....

  6. Cats on the counter...like they've NEVER been up there before.

    Glad to hear you are fine!

  7. Cats truly adorn any space they occupy!

  8. Nothing compares to a good old Tabby. I haven't seen mine for days, but his food's always gone.

  9. By 'eck lass, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Give a dog a meal and a warm place to sleep and he assumes that you are a god. Give a cat a meal and a warm place to sleep and the cat assumes that he is the god.

    Make the cats into little tiger rugs, and get more dogs!

  10. Good luckin stopping a cat doing anything it wants!

  11. Animals rule the castle. No doubt about it. And yes, we are still waiting for

  12. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Cats know their place ... at the top.(Although my three know not to mess with my aged cairn terrier. A growl from him and they quit rubbing on him.)


  13. Rules are for lesser beings.

  14. I see you will have to put some more time into cat obedience training. There's a reason why no one has ever started those kind of classes for cats! ~ Maureen


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