Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday duckling fix

The ducklings are growing like weeds!!

I think the brown one is a boy! I'm going by size. I think we have two drakes and three hens, but time will tell.

Little Twitchy is doing well.

After a swim, it's time for a drink! (Note damp chest!)

I think this one is a boy too. He's the biggest duckling.

The Muscovy ducks can raise their head feathers, which Mama Ronna is doing here. The drakes tend to do it when they're excited about something.

So cute and such perfect wee orange feet.

Getting everyone ready for an afternoon nap.

Snack time in the food dish!

Nap time under Mama!

And couple of poppies. My friend Ronna (the human, not the duck) has some beautiful salmon-pink ones. She is also the local lupine queen!

Can you see the honeybee on the right, between the two black blotches?

Both of these had honeybees buried in them!

And remember my Goldenrod Crab spider photos? One of them made the front page of our local paper this week! I was really pleased.


  1. The ducklings may be growing fast,
    but they're still cuties!

    Well done on getting your photo on the front page.

  2. Nice pictures and the ducklings are so cute.


  3. Ahhh - this cute duckling fix was really needed. Such a delight to see how soft and sweet they still are despite the fact that they are growing up.

  4. So pretty babies!!! I love duckies!

  5. The heck with TV families, I really enjoy "Keeping Up With the Ronna Family"!

  6. Cute cute cute cute cute. I'd say more about these pictures, but that's the only word that keeps screaming in my head. :D

  7. You are going to have to learn how to sex these things and then you will know what they are. That might take away all the excitement. They do mature very quickly.

  8. Oh my Lord, before you know they'll be teenagers and start giving you attitude!
    Thanks for the fix :)

  9. All the photos are great but I especially like no.4. Ronna and the baby look so contented together. All's right with the world.

  10. So cute! We were at this park that has a bird sanctuary last week, and were looking for goslings. Strangely, we only saw on pair out of the many, many geese. Glad your ducks are doing well.


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