Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Announcing the winners of the DUCK LIMERICK CONTEST!

Ladies and gentlemen, the results of the Knatolee's World DUCK LIMERICK CONTEST are in!


The winners are:

F I R S T    P L A C E 
Pear Tree Log

An opera singer called Marty
Was invited to sing at Duck's party
Love blossomed, and died
When he took Duck aside
She learned that he was a castrati!

• • • • •

S E C O N D  P L A C E 
Little Blue Mouse

A big strapping drake did confess
That in secret he liked to cross-dress
He did it at night
Without any light
So his make-up was always a mess!

T H I R D   P L A C E
Jams O' Donnell

• • • • •

A handsome Cairina moschata
did yearn for an inamorata
but a fatal attraction 
and an over-reaction
means how he is duck chipolata

Congratulations Pear Tree Log, Little Blue Mouse and Jams O'Donnell! If you will email me your snail-mail addresses, I will send you your prizes. (Jams,  I think I still have yours from when you won the Hen Haiku contest!)

In addition,  Pear Tree Log has also won the honour of naming one of the new boy or girl ducklings! Let me know if you want to name a boy or a girl, and when I am sure of their sexes, I will show you pics and you can choose which duckling you want to name. If you want to name one after yourself, go right ahead. :)

The judging was contentious and spirited, and as soon as I have some time to edit the 20 minutes of raw footage, I will have a very amusing video to post for you all. Thanks for all the fantastic submissions! 

There are some HONOURABLE MENTIONS as well:

Is Hollywood lacking in pluck?
They spend millions on movies that suck
So why don't they give me
The ultimate turkey
A sequel to Howard the Duck!

In this contest I'm bound to partake
Some wondrous wise poem create
While ducks are the topic
I'm slightly myopic
Is their Patron Saint Francis Drake?

By Nance at Mature Landscaping (and one of my personal favourites!):

There once was a duck with portfolio
Who despaired at the Dow Jones imbroglio.
He cried, "If I buy stocks
from the Sachs and the Kochs,
Does it mean that I , too, have no soul-io?

And Cognitive Dissenter gets the Bleeding Feather Award because she wrote a great limerick about the duckling cannibalism nonsense that went on last year:

Hannibal Duck had no teeth
Said "Thee how my pinfeather bleedth."
Amy said, "You taste nice!"
And he yelled, "Jethuth Chritht!
Thomebody call the po-leeth!"

To top it all off, Ronna baked the most magnificent duck cake for the occasion:

Inside it was checkerboard chocolate and vanilla. WOW!!

If you want to see more of her amazing cakes, visit and like her Ronna's Cakebook page.

Thank you everybody for the fantastic poetry and big congrats to all the winners!

PS: If you're wondering what chipolata is, click here!


  1. That cake was awesome! Kudos to Ronna for her culinary skill.

    I'm particularly fond of Cognitive Dissenter's limerick, but they're all great.

  2. The limerick selections are just great. Congratulations to Elaine! I'll be waiting to see what she names her duckling. I wish I could have been there to sample that luscious cake.

  3. That duckling picture on the top is just fantastic :)
    What would we need to do to get some of that cake?

  4. I had totally forgotten that one! Thank you very much, I feel very honoured. I love the idea of naming a female duckling and will start thinking of names forthwith. Ronna's cake looks absolutely delicious.

    1. Excellent! And email me your snail-mail address (my email is in my profile) and I will mail you the rest of your prize! (No, it's not a duck!)

  5. Wow win in the haiku comp and third place in the limerick one! You certainly had great entries for the cop and I'm not talking about my one!

  6. entertaining
    but mad as a box of Indian runner ducks!

    1. Wait until you see the video...

  7. Thank you, I had so much fun writing the limericks.

    The cake looks fantastic and I bet it tasted great. Can't wait to see the video.

  8. Anonymous3:21 pm

    That cake is incredible. Ronna has definitely found her calling in life. Could she be any more creative? I think not. Absolutely love it (translation: want one!).

    Talk about stiff competition. I am honored for the mention! Thanks guys!

    1. Her cakes are amazing and so creative!!

  9. Elaine is so talented and that cake is just magnificent. Congrats to ALL the winners! XOXO

    1. Elaine had so many good ones, it was hard to choose a winner!


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