Saturday, June 23, 2012

The ducklings achieve television fame

So the other day, I sent in one of my duckling/watermelon photos to Ian Black, the climatologist for CBC Ottawa. I  really like his weather forecasting. Anyway, he always runs a couple of photos with his evening TV segment. Apparently he quite liked my watermelon ducks, because he used the photo on Thursday. I took a few screen shots from the video...

"Partly ducky on Thursday with a chance of watermelons!"

I love how Mama Ronna seems to be peeking around his head here.

It was all very exciting!

You can watch the video here. The fun starts around the 22:40 mark. 

Some people have had trouble getting the video to run, but it worked fine for me!

Hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. Oh that is sooo cool!!

  2. Really cool!
    Quite exciting for you.
    Good show!

  3. I'm not surprised, it's a beautiful photograph. Well done.

  4. Weeee! Famous ducklings! It looks cute with the photo being so big and him in front of it! hee hee

  5. My how they've grown, they make the weatherman look tiny!


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