Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turkey traffic!

We often have flocks of wild turkeys in our fields, and sometimes they venture up and eat from our birdfeeders (check out this one IN my birdfeeder in 2009!) But it has been a couple of years since we've seen them in the yard, so it was a treat when nine turkeys wandered through yesterday:

The photos aren't great but you get the idea. The birds are huge when you see them up close! They can weigh up to about 11 kg or 23 lbs.

Some people have commented on the amount of land we own. We live on an 86-acre farm, and all the land you see in these photos belongs to us (as well as land you can't see!) We have a great 16-acre pine and spruce woodlot at the back of our property, which ends at the Beaudette River.

And here's a short video with me and Gordon discussing turkeys in hushed tones...


  1. It is always nice when unexpected visitors drop by.

  2. They are cool, aren't they? I had a flock of them attack a little red car I was driving in the country one day. They literally dive-bombed the front of it as I was making my way slowly down a back road. Very strange and I was thankful it wasn't a convertible. Enjoy that snow. I have to head into Ottawa today but the roads look ok. Love your land, you lucky girl. "Hi Emily...coochie-coo!

  3. Gotta love a flock of turkeys. Very exciting!

  4. I love that first photograph. It is like a scene from an Anna Pugh painting. Absolutely lovely.

  5. The turkeys are terrific. We sometimes have wild turkeys around here but they haven't come to visit us. The only thing that visits is the geese.
    Where is that cute Emily?? Take care.

  6. The bird-related fun never stops at your farm. I'm envious!

  7. Wow - a whole flock. I have only ever seen a lone (and probably lost) one in my yard. They are such impressively large birds.

  8. They're big, aren't they. We lost two awnings to turkeys when they roosted on our roof...for awhile.

  9. The only Turkey I ever have seen is a deepfrozen one ;-)
    Must be great to have them walking through your farm like that !
    Thank´s for charing the pictures and movie !

  10. Sandra, the turkeys are particularly nice guests!

    Deb, they are whacky. I'm glad they've never had a go at my car. I had to stop and let then cross the road once.
    Emily sends you kisses!

    Ronna, I seem to recall you having a car/turkey flock encounter like Deb.

    Elaine, the snow is SO pretty when it sticks to the trees like this.

  11. Marg, that cute Emily is snuggled up next to me!

    Ahab, today there were two starlings in the chicken coop. I chased 'em out!

    Evlyn, sometimes I see HUGE flocks in our fields.

    Jams, I feel very lucky!

    Joanne, I laughed at your awnings story but really, it wouldn't be fun to have them damaging stuff like that. Glad we have our cars parked in the garage! :)

    Kjelle, my neighbour across the street raises turkeys that end up in her freezer! ;)

  12. Where's a shotgun when you need one . . . *sigh*


    1. Oh Chef Nick, you're bad! :)


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