Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily dose of kitten: the squirmy version

Emily was spending quality time with Gordon in his home office this morning (I emphasize "home office" so that you aren't thinking he goes to work in his bathrobe...)


Emily showed up January 3rd in our granary. I finally managed to catch her the next day. She is now nine weeks old and has settled in nicely, but boy, can she move...

"Lemme go!"

"But first, gaze upon my most excellent cuteness!"

"Hmm, maybe I can twist out of his hands like a feline corkscrew!"

"Or how about a yoga posture?!"

"Maybe if I limply resist, he'll loosen his grip."

"Argh! Humans are so frustrating!"

"Lemme go! Lemme go!"

"I'm outta here!"

Meanwhile down in my office, Julius was doing considerably less moving...

He turns 12 this year but is still the mousing king. We were woken up at 2:30 am Saturday by ominous feline growling on our bedroom. When I finally flicked on the light, I was greeted by the sight of Julius hunkered down with a mouse hanging from his mouth (back legs still kicking.) Naomi and Alex were facing him head-on, forming a sort of kitty triangle. Julius apparently did not take kindly to their interest in his catch, and was loudly expressing his displeasure.

In denial ("There is no Hammer Horror going on in my bedroom!") I decided to flee to the bathroom and Naomi and Alex tagged along (hoping, no doubt, that I was getting up to give them breakfast. Ha, think again!) The three of us stayed in there for several minutes while Gordon remained in bed. My hope was that it would all be resolved when I got back.

And it was. Julius was happy and grooming and all that was left of the mouse was some unidentifiable offal. Gordon delighted in telling me all about the noisy crunching sounds that had wafted over the bed while I'd been in hiding.

I have been known to rescue mice from cats who are torturing them, but Julius was too fully involved from this one for me to attempt that. Plus we've had a great than normal influx of mice into our century home this winter, and I've lost a certain amount of sympathy.

The amazing thing is that Julius had dental surgery this year and only has of his four main fangs left. Yet he is still a better mouser than the other cats combined!

Never a dull moment around the farm... 

The snow was very pretty in the sun this morning:

I took these through a dirty window so they aren't great


Woodpeckers love peanuts!

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of kitten!


  1. Too cute! And I'm glad Julius is still the mouser king in his autumn years.

  2. Cute - and that kind of movement it exactly how my Rocky got the surname "Weewiggles"

    Mice do make a surprising crunch when eaten.I too use to rescue mice from my mousing cat, Biscuit, when I could - but more often than not, she'd already paralyzed them, so she got to enjoy her snack.

  3. I am sure I could not resist Emily either. It is sad how often people just drop off their unwanted felines on the country roads. I guess they think they will be able to survive in some barn, but more often than not, they are killed by a larger animal or hit by cars.

  4. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Oh my! Mouse-crunching at 2:30 a.m.? I'd be running for the bathroom too. Emily is too freaking cute! Truly, she is a beautiful little thing. Her personality comes through the photos. So glad you rescued her. I sleep better at night knowing there are kind people in the world who rescue abandoned kittens from freezing weather.

  5. She is so cute.. Trade her for my nephew?

  6. I'm puzzled--what's wrong with going to work in your bathrobe? I've seen stranger things in my guv'ment job.
    Emily is gonna be a pistol of a Cat!

    And Julius-WTG! The Cats are cheering you on. Crunch crunch.

    Got your email...package to go out mid-week...

  7. Tell Gordon to always wear red. It is Emily's best colour, by far.
    Way to go Sir Julius. Reports are coming in that our Hugo has become quite the mouser at my daughter's home. You have competition.

  8. Ahab, he's pretty impressive! And wow, can he guard his kill!

    WanderingCat, "Weewiggles" is a great name. Better than "Emmalemmalemily", or my new one (Gordon doesn't like it) "Embolism"...

  9. S.O., I keep checking the snow around our outbuildings for kitty footrpints but nothing since Emily. I will keep an eye out all winter.

    COgDis, it would have been impossible for me NOT to rescue that little thing, screaming outside my window at 4:45 am. :) Some people think we're NUTS but what are you gonna do? If I didn't have room for her, I would have found her a good home.

    Jams, that is VERY tempting but Gordon won't let me.

    Katnip, GOrdon just QUIT his government job last year so I think he's trying to improve his image. HAHAHAHA!

  10. Deb, I agree! Red suits her. And I will duly warn Julius about his competition. We'll see how Emily does when she gets going.

  11. Em looks a lot like Mahoney. And Mahoney is just as squirmy. She does not like to be held unless it is her choice. She will sit on my lap while I am typing. They are so much fun when they are kittens.
    Love the story about the mouse. We had a cat that didn't have any teeth and she could eat everything.
    Hope all of you have a great day. Love reading your blog.

    1. It's too bad kittenhood doesn't last longer. They grow so fast!! And how amazing that your toothless cat managed to eat anything. THey are such impressive little creatures!

  12. Replies
    1. Me too, but oh boy, she is going to rule this household!

  13. Awwwww... the cutie!


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