Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The daily kitten plus exciting chicken content!

Let's get Miss Cuteness out of the way first...

On the weekend, Gordon bought Emily the most expensive kitty bed in the pet store!

Only the best for his little princess. Emily approves! 

Please ignore hideous decor in our guest bedroom, which is Emily's home base while I integrate her into the rest of the menagerie. I hope all the pink doesn't permanently damage her! Apologies to you pink-lovers out there. When I was a teen, I did have a pink room, but now I'm more of a red kinda gal.

I think these two are both very adorable. Gordon is totally in love with his new kitten.

Can you tell? Hard to believe he's all tough-ass when he puts on his lawyer robes and goes to court.

And now for the chicken content. Here I am with Charlotte and my new great chicken quilt!

Cluck-tastic! (See? I like red. NOT PINK!)

Isn't it fabulous?

This quilt was in the fundraising auction for the Friends of Pets in Anchorage, Alaska. My friend Peg volunteers there, and I have done a few design projects for them over the years, including this fun 2001 Dog Jog t-shirt:

...and the logo for their annual quilt auction:

Something about Friends of Pets obviously makes me think of magenta, purple and lime green! :)

Peg knew that I liked this quilt, so she secretly procured it for me, then sweated buckets while Canada Post took FOUR weeks to deliver it!! But it is here now, and I plan to hang it in a place of honour. Thanks, Peg. It was such a wonderful surprise.

If you are looking for a good cause to donate to, Friends of Pets is very deserving. Click here for the donation form. They do great work way up north.

And if you're looking for a doggy daycare in Anchorage (surely someone out there is from Alaska!) I highly recommend Dog Tired Doggie Daycare.  Peg works there and I designed their logo too...

Yeah, there's that colour scheme again. Maybe it's something about Alaska that makes want design in bright colours. I visited in 2003 and loved it. Can't wait to visit Canada's true north some day. We were considering a move to Whitehorse back in 2006. Gordon has been to all three territories (Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories), but Iv'e been to none.

How's that for a digression? From kitten to chicken to quilt to logos to dog daycare to the north!

I need to go cuddle my kitten now...


  1. You are so incredibly talented! And Em and Gord are incredibly cuddly. And, yep, you're a red girl...but blue (election year, yo!).

  2. Kitty and Gordon are cute. Quilt is lovely. Logos clever. Ahhh, I'm exhausted now!

  3. What a great quilt. Very inspirational - it would be fun to do some chicken art like that. And I really like your logo for the doggie daycare, especially the bright colours. BTW - you look fab in red.

  4. You are turning her into quite the little princess - I think Miss Naomi is going to have something to say about that.

    The quilt is awesome!

  5. Hey Natalie, how cute is your new kitten?...
    I think she's going to provide hours of entertainment for Gordon......

    Am lovin' that quilt, all those chickens, it's gorgeous.
    So nice of Peg to get it for you and I bet she breathed a huge sigh of relief when it finally arrived.

    You are one clever person with all your design work, sounds like it's keeping you busy.

    Claire :}

  6. My lady said, "awww" when she saw that photo of Gordon hugging Emily. She thinks Gordon looks like he would like goats too. He has a very sweet face. That chicken quilt is FUN! My lady wants to make a chicken quilt some time (though not on that scale). Humph. There has to be a goat quilt first. I insist.

  7. Ahh now there's a kitten who really has landed on her feet!

  8. I love that first photo with Emily's little tail in the air, so cute!

    The quilt is gorgeous, the spotty backgrounds look great.

  9. Nance, thank you! :)

    Ronna, merci!

    Evyln, I love it. I want to do more chicken art.

    Wandering Cat, I fear she is already a princess!

    Claire, thank you down under!

  10. Isobelle, Gordon wants some goats! (Me too!)

    Jams, she's a smart cookie!

    LBM, her tail is quite expressive.


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!