Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Emily and Alex get jiggy wit it...

...or maybe not.

"I smell EVIL!" 

"Oh for the love of the Great Cat in the Sky... it's back. Hello, Emily."

"Maybe if I just pretend she's not there, she won't be!"
(Trick of the camera, by the way. Emily weighs about three pounds Alex weighs 14!)

"How can he not find me completely adorable? Everybody else does!"

Alex is actually pretty tolerant of Emily, but I think he's miffed because his lady-love Naomi is spending all her time with the kitten. I am trying to figure out what's going on but it looks suspiciously to me like Naomi is playing Mummy-cat to the wee one. I'll keep you posted.

There, you got your kitten fix today!

PS: I haven't forgotten about judging the duck limerick contest. I will try to get that together in February. It involves a cake and an assemblage of guests, and since Gordon and I both have birthdays this month, I need to space out the cake-related get-togethers! Regardless, winners WILL be declared. I'm just a bit slow!


  1. Really! Naomi is playing mommy-cat. That is so great. Our Lily is mommy to anyone new that comes in. Audrey has been getting a few licks and snuggles from her. Annie is still very accommodating to Audrey and spends a lot of time with her but sometimes she just gives her the 'mommy dearest' look. Deb

    1. Alex is acting just like a new dad who's jealous of the attention his wife is paying to the new baby! :)

  2. Must post photos of Mummy-Cat in "action"!

  3. Cats don't need words, a look and their facial expression is all we need to know that we did something wrong:)

  4. Ah, cats cats cats. I'd love 'em if only they were more like dogs!

    One of my sister's cats (Pear Tree Log) has sensed that I am not kitten-smitten and has decided to make me her pet project, fussing and leaping on me, you _will_ love and worship me, you _will_ ...

    Your two are incredidibly photogenic!

    Incredidibly? Typing, Timothy, typing!


  5. Hi there Emily. Sure is good to see you again. Alex will get used to you in time. It does sound like maybe Naomi is being a surrogate Mom. Hope all of you have a fantastic Wed.

  6. They two will get along just fine, just like Dutch and Herman. We are thinking of renaming Dutch to Messi, because he loves to play fussball and makes a lot of mess.

  7. That last picture of Emily is adorable. So innocent looking ;)

  8. How can Alex resist her?! Oh, that's right. He's a cat. ; )

  9. If I didn't already have 12 cats I would get another kitten. Although sitting on the sofa last night I had one on each leg and three around me, all sleeping. I seem to have that effect on people, too. Did you know that almost everyone snores?


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