Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally, SNOW!

But before we get started on the snow, here's your kitten fix...

Emily bird-watching on my office windowsill.

I lover her markings! I think that's called Classic Tabby... does anyone know? Here's a website on tabby markings.

We had snow and ice pellets yesterday, and now it's snowing like crazy and there's a snowfall warning on. On top of what already fell, we are supposed to get in excess of 15 cm/6 in of snow today. To me, a big snowstorm means a foot of snow, but this winter has been weirdly mild and snowless, so I'll take what I can get. I am dying to get out to cross-country-ski and snowshoe.

The ducks don't seem to give a damn...

Eugenia, the mama duck, went over the wall (well, okay, out the barn door) for a little walk in the snow this morning. She is well camouflaged!

Speaking of camouflage!

Thta's Squishy in front, who like Hannibal has lost his brown head.

I'm letting everyone run around the barn today. It's madness down there. I will be shovelling up duck poop for sure. The "Muffs" are fierce chickens. They booted the ducks out of their straw-filled pool. Gordon calls it the duck playpen. I put it out to give the ducks somewhere warm to nap when they come in the barn.

The temperature is just a bit below freezing, so everyone wanted a bath today. Note middle duck who jumped right into the water bucket!

It is supposed to get quite old this weekend with lows around -19C.

Intrepid Muscovys!

That chicken really bosses them around, speaking of intrepid. 

"Snow? I don't care about no steenking SNOW!" She is alone here because she just booted all the ducks out of the bath!

I'll let you know if we get buried alive in the white stuff...


  1. You wrote "It's supposed to get quite old this weekend...." instead of "cold"! were thinking of me in a below (-19c) temperature....

    I wish I could get excited about a snowfall. Have fun! I had my good time too, way back.

  2. Oh my God, look at that little monkey. You should check out the Bengals also when you are looking at coat markings. She seems to have spots and stripes. Boy, she is so stunning to look at. She will just get more beautiful as she grows. I wish I could be her cat-nanny.
    Oh yes, and the ducks are cute, too.

  3. No snow here.I hope it stays that way... more kittens per post please!

  4. We finally got snow too! But it's suppose to be gone by early next week.
    Her markings are amazing. I wonder how much of that white she'll retain as she grows.
    I had a Tuxedo cat about 10 years ago - when he was a kitten, his black fur was tipped with white - and he looked like he was frosted - but it disappeared as he grew and by a year old, he was just a plain old black and white tuxedo cat.

  5. Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Fear not, dear Knatolee.
    As for what is being called winter here, too: Up til now we have not seen one single flake of snow. Quite ununsual.

    And with 13/14days delay: A healthy new year to all of you.

  6. Herewith I declare one n as never been typed.

  7. I'm so dumb about fowl. I was worried about them in that weather. Emily is just too cute and your birds are my brave darlings. Kiss-kiss to Amy.

  8. She's a Classic Tabby. :) Fits the description to a 'T'.

  9. Anonymous10:42 pm

    I'm buried under work for a few days and look what I've missed! Thanks for the duck fix and the kitten fix. I needed that. Love the photos.

    As for snow, nary a flake in sight around here. A few days ago we went for a walk and had to take off our jackets. Temps were 50+ F. Weird.

  10. Cold, Cold, Cold! I'll take the heat, you can have all the cold!

    PS - I love Emily, in case you needed to be reminded! She is a tabby doll!


  11. Claude, colder today.. -24C!

    Deb, "Little MONKEY" is exactly what I call her. And I guarantee she will rule the house. I wonder how big she'll get? I guess we'll find out! I wish you could be her cat-nanny too.

    Jams, I'll work on that.

    Wandering Cat, it will be interesting to see how her markings change as she grows up.

    Sean, nice to see you and happy New Year to you, too!

    Nance, the ducks are hardier than the chickens but they do need protection, especially Muscovy ducks who are tropical birds. We set our Muscovys up in their new palace in the barn last night. They are much happier now!

    Kristine, thank you! All my other tabbies have been mackerels, I think.

    CogDis, I send you snowy thoughts and Lynn, I send you warm ones!


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