Thursday, February 09, 2017

Winter goings-on

Some days the footing has been lousy, other days it has just been too cold to ride. But we've still managed to get out...

My nose is red from cold, not drinking.

Love my Mr. Handsome. 

Love this guy, too...

Oh look, hay in my messed-up hair again!

Saul is always a perfect angel for our farrier Steve...

He is incredibly good. Offers up his feet, and stands perfectly still the whole time!

Roo is good too. I think he's trying to figure out how to get to the hay bags in this pic.

Here are the birds enjoying some of the latest veg and fruit haul from Nav Canada (who donate two bins of fruit and veg scraps and salad bar leavings to me twice a week!) Really fantastic people there. The pigs got some of this bounty too!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen....

Pretty sure Honey is giving that filthy look to a dog! Mimi is more dog positive. Chloe is obsessed with her for some reason, maybe because they are both black, or because Mimi is ridiculously tolerant of puppies. Chloe likes to come up and put Mimi's head in her mouth, or her leg or her tail... she tries to play with Mimi the way she does with Dodger and Gigi. When Mimi has had enough, she hisses at Chloe, or jumps to a higher surface. Her restraint amazes me.

And we don't allow cats on the counters...

At least, we didn't until my life went to hell in a handbasket. You can tell when the dishwasher has just been on, because all the cats congregate on the warm countertop over it! Here we have Mimi, with Pip underneath her, then Honey and her sister Daisy, Annuk, and up on the windowsill is Mootie.

Daisy and Mootie looking pleased with themselves for snagging a dog bed.

And outside...

...sadly our water hydrant for the goats has frozen. So I hauled some water down today. Those 5-gallon jugs are frigging heavy. I can carry them but the whole hill down to the pasture is a snowy, icy mess and I didn't want to break my neck today. The first water run went fine!

The second...

... not so much! We had a messy freezing rain/ice pellet storm the other day that put a thick hard crust of ice on the snow. Really hard to walk on. I lost control of the sled and off it shot down the hill!
No water spilled, though, and in the end it was easier than dragging the sled.

Winter,  I just love it. Or so I keep saying! :)


  1. Your kitchen full of cats is my idea of heaven!

  2. That's a fantastic looking horse you have. You made a good decision when you bought him.

    1. I love him and he has a good mind. Very calm, solid guy.

  3. I like your saddle; very different to those we use on this side of the pond.

    1. Many people here to ride with English saddles, and I will probably get one eventually. But I like long trail rides, and this saddle is like a comfy couch. I love it so much! :))) Got it used... it was an expesive saddle but worth every penny!

  4. Your horses are beautiful and I always love seeing the kittens! Stay warm, Spring will come:-D

  5. You certainly have your hands full! Do be careful in this weather.

  6. If your life is really "hell in a handbasket," sign me up! Beats sitting at a desk all day! I'm a Millicent fan - hope she's doing okay. Something about her just tugs at me.

  7. I love the 'we don't allow cats on the counters' followed by that photo! Just makes me smile! Stay safe and warm.

  8. Our beloved farrier was out at the farm on Wednesday. The temperature was creeping up above 0F (-17C) and he was hard at it. The horses, pony, and mule were appreciative.

  9. I snorted my coffee when I saw the photo that followed the caption "we don't allow cats on the counters". As my husband says "cats make their own rules". Love your blog and your lifestyle.

  10. Yes, I can tell the cats are not allowed on the counter. :) Perhaps someone forgot to tell them?

    I dislike freezing rain and ice pellets more than snow and cold. It makes doing anything outdoors so dangerous. Glad you didn't hurt yourself.


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!