Monday, February 06, 2017

Jamaicans in the snow

Sigh.. have been trying to get a blog post up for over a week... not enough hours in my day, and the older I get, the fewer hours I seem to have. I have at least managed to meditate for 31 days in a row using my Headspace app. I really it and it has gotten me into the habit of a daily ten minutes of meditation, which seems to be all I can manage right now.

We are having fun around here, though. The Sunday before last, we had another snow fun day here with horses and skidoos and inner tubes, and kids on skis and snowboards being pulled over jumps in the snow by riders on horseback! Really fun to watch.

Crazy fun! If I were only younger with more flexible joints...

Everybody had a blast.

Including the Jampups!

Look at Gigi's face!

Chloe (pink coat) and Gigi have really bonded. 

Hard to believe these dogs are from Jamaica, isn't it?

Put on some coats and they are happy to play outside for hours.

The three of them get along amazingly well. It is wonderful to see.

They all had very rough starts to life in Jamaica. Dodger was hit by a car and found by the side of the road with a broken leg, left for dead as a tiny puppy. Chloe was so malnourished, she couldn't walk when she was rescued. Gigi was found at about 6 weeks of age, separated from her pack and wandering the streets alone!  

The three of them are amazing survivors.

It is great to see them happy.

They have such a zest for life.

They play hard, too!

If only I knew how to get burrs out of polar fleece.... 

Don't worry, these two are best buddies and play like this all the time. :)

This past weekend, we had our 5-year-old godson over. His first sleepover with us! He was good as gold and lots of fun. We played checkers on these teeny-tiny game boards... I really need to get a proper checkers set for Ben's visits.

Ben lives with a cat and four dogs. He REALLY loves cats, though.

And Dodger finally got worn out! Those are dog toys at the top right... I know that one on top looks a bit dubious, LOL, but really, it's a chew toy! I swear!

Have a great week. I haven't forgotten you! Just trying to get my life under control.


  1. Hi Natalie, oh my, it looks like such a fun day! It is wonderful to see the puppies so happy.
    I am glad you are finding the time to meditate. You lead such a crazy busy life.
    Have a good week!

  2. I presume these wonderful shots are with your new camera. Wow! Luckiest dogs ever. xo

  3. good heavens you are busy.... love watching those "hot weather" dogs play in the snow

  4. Tell me how to squeeze in meditation time! I need it and can't find it or have it or be left alone for that long. Maybe I just need to hide.

    1. The only thing that seems to work for me is to make sure I do it first thing, especially with Gordon in the house to keep the animals quiet! Also, he bought me a pair of BOSE noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas that are just awesome. Not cheap, I don't think, but they have much it much easier for me to listen to my meditation app and block out a bunch of noise!! It took me a long time to work out a routine. I am now hell-bent on sticking to it!!

  5. Gosh, those photos are marvellous. Your dogs have me laughing out loud over here on the other side of the world!

  6. Lovely photos .Looks like all had a great time . Glad the Jamaicans are happy and doping so well . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  7. Do not apologize about posting! I love reading your blog whenever you post. Love the doggies in the snow.

  8. I can understand why you're busy. You have all the animals and then you have crazy rides in the snow that everybody wants.

  9. With the numerous animals, family, friends, and work I'm amazed you get a post up at all. I'm lucky if I manage it once or twice a weekend and the posts on the cat blog are not very photo or word heavy.

    Love watching the dogs play! They look like they are about to tear one another apart but are clearly enjoying themselves.

  10. Once again, some superb photos. Lovely dogs.

  11. The joy in the snow! What great photos and they have lifted my spirits!!

  12. What a joy! Jerry and I are getting closer and closer to going to the shelter and finding ourselves a dog to love (and for the cats to love, too). I try to resist. You don't help!!!


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