Tuesday, February 21, 2017


We seem to have had a lot of grey days this winter, but over the weekend we finally got some beautiful sunshine...

The dogs had a blast this weekend.

It has also gotten warm, so all the snow is melting (which is a disappointment for me, because I like to play in snow!)

Chloe loves nothing more than to go under that gate and eat manure.

The goats are enjoying the sunshine too.

Geoff fell asleep sun-worshipping.

But Chloe and Dodger can play all day! Gigi isn't running around right now because she was spayed last week and isn't supposed to run around like a lunatic at the moment.

Dodger stalking Chloe.

Chloe is ready!

And off she goes!

I swear she has whippet in her blood.

These Jampups sure have z a zest for life.

I did take some pics of Gigi the day before her spay (she is doing great! Monty was neutered the same day and they are all recuperating well.)

She has the most amazing ears!

Chloe and Gigi are good buddies but boy, they play hard!

Nice fangs, Gigi!

And we have been driving Jimmy... he is an old pro at this!

Such a good little pony. He is a 15-year-old blue roan Shetland. I'm so glad we adopted him. 

Hope you are all having  a great day!


  1. CHLOE! Don't eat that!

    1. OMG she eats SO MUCH MANURE!!!! THey all do! They love to climb the giant manure pile behind the barn and go wild, UGH!

  2. You certainly have a busy house Natalie! The dogs look fabulous. Glad you and Gordon are enjoying Jimmy.

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  4. That picture of Gigi with white background is so AWESOME!

  5. gorgeous!! Do you believe we have NO SNOW in Michigan? It is going to be in the 60s tomorrow! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. There must be so much energy at your house! Do you ever get a chance to rest?

  7. Lovely photos , They both looks like they have grey hound in them with those long back legs and slender bodies . Still lots of snow there we have none and have finally had sunshine for days now and temps up to 14C very spring like . Love your pony and sleigh soo cute . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Now that would be cool to ride behind Jimmy. This old boy rode behind horse when it was the only way to get around.

  9. Great photos! Love the action shots of pups...they sure have a lot of energy.


  10. My day is much better now that I've seen some of your happy family!

  11. Those doggies in the snow just make me smile! Fun to see them playing. Oh dogs and manure...ugh!

  12. That's what I call a proper winter, snow and blue skies. Gorgeous pics.

  13. My driving horses are gone now, but I still have a harness. It's too hilly here for any practical driving. I hope our snow lasts, too. I'm not done with it yet.


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