Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More animals in snow

Sandy had had just about enough of Roo the other day!!:)

This is Ella, my friend's beautiful Friesian/Paint horse who is boarding here.

She is lovely and has a very sweet personality.

Quite the beauty queen!

"Did somebody say CARROT!?" Ella loves her treats!

Poor old Saul looks like he needs a good scrub! 

I took this while Ella was hanging out on the snow-covered mountain of dirt in the paddock.

Meanwhile, in the goat house, Genny was relaxing.

Bambi, being cute as per usual.

Bambi's son Pierre.

Pierre and his maa-maa

Sweet little Bert the Alpine goat.

Pepper the Pygmy goat.

Pepper and his brother Salty. They both turned 5 on Valentine's Day!

Penny's daughter Annabelle. Definitely not underfed!

Finney and Sandy heard the word "carrots" too!

Dear Saul.

Fluffy Jimmy!

And here's Sandy having a good roll...

Feel better, Sandy?



Love this gal! She is blind in one eye. Sweet as can be and very fluffy right now!


  1. Lovely photos! The horses certainly seem to enjoy the snow...and the thought of carrots too. :)

  2. Loving all the winter fluff!

  3. You have some very healthy happy looking horses.

  4. how on Earth do you remember all those names and know who is who?

  5. Gorgeous photos! I think "old soul" Saul is my favorite. :)

  6. That top picture ("Back off Buddy" - or something less polite) is fantastic!

    All the others are prety good too, of course.

  7. Gorgeous photos Natalie. Everyone looks so healthy and happy.

  8. Ella is quite the stunner!

  9. I love when you post....Checking daily from my office desk! Best regards to All!

  10. The photos are beautiful and really capture the essence and spirit of the animals. Thank you for sharing these.

  11. Good thing they love the snow! Beautiful photos, XOXO

  12. So much beauty and happiness. But I have to say, Pepper's toothy grin is hilarious!


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