Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Yes, it's a little goat-centric...

There have been a lot of goat pics here lately, I know. I am awash in goats right now, with three more does ahout to pop within the next couple of weeks! So even though I have mostly goat pics today, I'll throw in a few others to spice things up!

In case you didn't know, goats love to climb...

...this is Rosie, yes, Rosie the runt who nearly died the day after she was born. She and her siblings are 8 weeks old now. She is huge! Still smaller than her brother and sister, but doing great.

And allow me to insert of photo of my boyfriend...

...Roo! I am taking three riding lessons this week because I am participating in a little show (for fun!) on March 26 and would prefer not to humiliate myself completely!

And my friend Jackie took this photo of me with a GIGANTIC icicle on Sunday. We didn't want it to impale a chicken, so we took it down!

I always thought icicles would make the perfect murder weapon!

And last week my friends Ronna and Peter came to visit. Here is Ronna with me and the goats! Check out her blog here. She is a woman of many talents!

And here comes Rosie!

The triplets and Penny are still in the barn but I am letting them out with the chickens for a bit in the day so they get fresh air. Eventually they will be integrated with the rest of the herd. Daphne is down there with them now as I don't know exactly when her kid is due.

Daphne and Luc

Goats will always make you smile!

Daphne is a beautiful doe.

My Rosie! She thinks I'm her mama and follows me everywhere.

Warren isn't too sure about the rooster!


Annabelle is the one obsessed with cats! I like that the kids have such distinct personalities, and little quirks!

Penny has been a superb mama! 

Annabelle, Luc and Rosie

Luc and Rosie

Rosie and her real mama, Penny

Daphne and Penny the buttheads! Normal goat behaviour.

My friend with Boers told me Penny (right) is not pure Boer, because she has a beard, even though she looks like a Boer in every other way! Probably a bit of Nubian mixed in.

And here's Genny on day parole with Geoff. She and Bambi are in kidding stalls at night now.

This photo does not do justice to how huge she is. When she lies down, she looks like hovercraft. Pretty sure there's more than one in there!

Genny is a lovely goat. Btw, those are breakaway collars they are wearing (they break away TOO easily, if you ask me!) Just makes it easier for me to get them in at night.

And Ophelia is happy spring is n the air!

Genny and Geoff checking out Keaton

Geoff. I think he has a very cute face.

Kevin, the boss man. He is quite sweet. 

He was enjoying the warm sun on Sunday!

Miss Annabelle

My good girl, Penny

Two teats, three kids...

...Luc makes sure he gets his fair share!

Oh Genny... that udder is getting pretty big!


The does get tired of me sneaking up behind them to photograph their butts!

Have a great day!


  1. Daphne is so pretty..... you have quite the herd there

  2. Hey Animal Lover, we would like two t-shirts, large. Let meknow the cost and we will reimburse you for it. Love the pics.

  3. Once again, you have brightened my day with all your darling flock!

  4. Never tire of baby goat pics! And that is one good looking rooster...

  5. Always love seeing goat photos! Everyone looks great.

  6. I love goats so I never tire of looking at them. I've never seen a goat the color of Daphne. I know you love every one of them and want to keep them all as pets but they seem to be multiplying awfully fast.

  7. So if you think three goats are active your going to be overloaded with more of these little rascals.

  8. Great photos, Natalie. I love Kevin. He reminds me of Carson on Downton Abbey. :)

  9. I love seeing ALL of the animals! They are all precious! Went to Ronna's blog but sadly, she doesn't have "follow by email", that's the only mode of following that I use. catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. You're in for some very exciting times on the farm with all those babies to be born! The goats are cute, but I'm starting to miss the photos of the cats. :)

  11. Lovely photos . Looks like everyone is happy and healthy and ready to pop soon lol ! Boy are you going to have your hand full will all these goats and kids but what fun to . Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  12. I think Agatha Christie wrote about someone who used an ice bullet which then melted to leave no trace; clever. A friend once wanted to give me two goats; I'd almost said yes when I found them standing on top of my car. They stayed where they were.

  13. I thought I was a confirmed city girl, till I started reading your blog! love love love these pictures! Thank you, your blogs brighten my days.

  14. You have your hands full with these sweet goats, but oh what fun you must be having. XOXO

  15. "Does this photographer make my butt look big?"

    What a love fest. And just imagine all the kids to come! Do you suppose they'll each have twins or maybe even triplets? Wouldn't that be exciting?!? Especially now that you've perfected your skills? Nothing but fun.


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