Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And on the heels of sadness, this!

Bambi had two healthy twins on Monday night!

A boy and a girl.

She is an excellent mama and is feeding her babies very well.

She was restless Monday evening and I knew something was up. I went in to have supper, came out to check on her, went in for 15 minutes and came out to a baby. Then her second one popped right out. It took her awhile to pass her placenta and we thought there might be more babies, but two was it!

Meet Pierre.

And Emmeline!

They are a bit smaller than Genny's twins born last Wednesday but are doing just fine!

Bambi keeping a watchful eye on me. 

Bambi and Emmeline

I don't know how I took this shot but I really like it!

Mama and babies are doing very well, and my goat midwifery adventure is now over, which is sort of a shame. I have learned so much and feel like I could do more of it, but since my goats are rescues and just pets, I'm not starting a breeding program. However, if the OSPCA offers me more pregnant does... :)

Daphne, who had a C-section Saturday, is doing very well. The vet checked her on Monday and she is healing nicely with no signs of infection. I am giving her shots of two different antibiotics everyday. She has been getting outside for some fresh air...

She enjoyed the sunshine yesterday! Her incision is silver because the vet sprayed on a sort of liquid Band-Aid. I am so glad Daphne is here. Really I was very afraid we were going to lose her Saturday. She suffered a lot while the vet was trying to position the twins to get them out. Just grateful she is here and healing well.

And my friend Jackie took ad great picture of Penny and the triplets on the weekend:

Luc (middle kid) is 44 lbs now and is being surgically neutered tomorrow, so think good thoughts for him, please!

And this Saturday Gordon and I are participating in a horse show for the first time, just for fun...

I've been taking some extra lessons and having a blast with my horse Roo.

If I could ride him every day, I would! Maybe when he's home at the farm. :)


  1. As you say on the heels of sadness you have had this happiness! Glad Daphne is on the mend. All the goat babies are adorable. Good luck with your show on Saturday!

  2. Glad all are doing well and you both are having fun with them all . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and a Happy Easter .

  3. Congratulations on all your hard work and beautiful babies! That is quite the scrum of goats you have there! Happy Easter to you all. Annie

  4. So many babies! I know what that's like. Best of luck at the horse show! :)

  5. that is a lot of ups and downs (we are catching up) but we are glad there was more good than bad and that everyone seems to be doing well

  6. Congratulations on surviving your crash course in mid-wifery. Those baby goats look exactly like wind-up toys. How can anything be so cute.!

  7. "The Circle of Life"......congratulations!!!!! Special kisses to Daphne!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Congratulations! They are beautiful.

  9. Very attractive little kids!

  10. It looks like goat city on the farm!

  11. They are adorable! It is amazing to me how quickly they grow...Luc is 44 lbs.!


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