Friday, October 31, 2014

Raccoon release repeat!

Two years ago, some raccoons that had been rehabilitated at the Rideau Valley Wildlife Centre were released here. Yesterday we did it again!

We drove three of these cuties back to the woodlot in the RTV.

They were brought into the centre as babies. This is really their first taste of freedom in the great outdoors!

Once again, they took their time waddling off.

Hey, I think your friends are calling you!

And off they went! I hope they do well out there in the big bad world!


  1. Made me wonder what racoons eat so I looked it up and found: "Among the staple meals of raccoons are frogs, birds, eggs, fish, insects, fruits, grains, and nuts."

    So, the "big bad world" around your parts just got badder for a few frogs, birds, fish insects.... But... how the heck do they eat birds? They look like slow movers. Maybe they can put on a spurt when they have to, or maybe just chicks in nests (Bad world).

    Interesting photos.

    1. Andrew, they can and do eat things like chickens! If you only have chicken wire around your coop, they are capable of sticking their paws in and just pulling out parts of the poor chicken. As in, they can kill it through the wire. They also occasionally kill cats, although more often they co-exist peaceful with them. More than one barn cat has been known to share its kibble bowl with a raccoon! They are also very smart.

    2. ...and chickens are very stupid.

      Just stay away from the fence chicky, when the racoon appears

  2. They certainly look cute enough. I hope they don't mess with your natural wildlife.

    1. They ARE the natural wildlife. Tons of them around here! :) In Toronto, they have taken over the city!

  3. Ooh Racoons are just to cute <3
    I keep my paws crossed that they will do well out in the big big world !


  4. Releases are fabulous.The looks on their faces when they realise they are 'free', is priceless. Was this a soft or hard release?
    Jane x

  5. I love these stories. A Raccoon killed one of our ducks through a fence. It was horrible. Still I love and want to help all the animals out there. Raccoons are so cute!

  6. aw I love this post !
    Gail x


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