Friday, October 24, 2014

Mootie and Pip have arrived!

Mootie and Pip were dropped off by their owner today, who was very sad to part with them. If she weren't having health issues and having to move, they would still be with her.

Here are a few photos. I will get some better ones soon!

Mootie came out for supper, bless her. 

She has had all her teeth removed but does just fine without them. Before she was adopted by her owner, she languished at the shelter for five months. Everyone thought she was 12 years old, but as it turns out, it was the awful state of her mouth prematurely ageing her! She had a terrible gum infection which is why all her teeth were yanked.

But she does just fine and apparently is a great mouser!

And her coat is gorgeous...

She loves to be brushed, and she let me do that for her this afternoon! She is a very sweet girl and I hope she will be happy here. It must be hard on her, as this is her third home. So much change for a cat!

Pip is a bit over a year old, and quite friendly and brave. She sat on Gordon's lap this evening!

They'll be shut up in the old pig pen for a few weeks until they know they are home. We'll be giving them lots of attention.

Meanwhile, did I mention that Missy was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis? She seems fine but because of Lionel's situation, the vet prescribed antibiotics. I have to give her a pill a day for 30 days.

As you can imagine, she is less than impressed. In this photo, she is trying to kill me with her laser-beam eyes.

More pics to come!


  1. There they are. I think that the fact they are staying together will make this transition much less stressful. I'm so happy to see Mootie eating already. Pip looks a little confused but having Mootie there should calm her soon. I expect she looks up to her almost like a mother. I hope tomorrow shows great progress. They just need to spend some time with you Natalie. Thanks so much for opening your home to them. Hugs

  2. They are going to be a very happy family!
    Jane x

  3. You and Gordon are going to become very adept at Herding Cats! Bless you for opening your arms and barn to Mootie and Pip. xx

  4. The new arrivals are beauties!

  5. Did Susan provide the basket, Natalie? I think it is the one in their poster. Which, btw, I will send you as soon as I figure out the scanner.

  6. I hope Missy has a very quick and complete recovery and that she soon forgives you. And welcome to Mootie and Pip -- two cats who will soon realize how lucky they are.

  7. They both look quite calm. Great that Mootie is eating. And she sure has a beautiful coat. Thanks for taking these kitties in.

  8. Your barn cats have such a warm cozy place to live. Mootie is just beautiful, and Pip is too. Oh my, a pill a day for 30 days is a job! We have been through that with our Bickett on occasion. You and Gordon are special people. Thank you.

  9. It will be interesting to see when winter arrives. Will the barn cats be still in the barn or is there maybe another place for them?:-)

  10. It isn't easy giving pills to cats; Rosie had a UTI and was on antibiotics. If looks could kill, I'd be dead too:-D Good luck with your new additions--they couldn't be in a better home, XOXO

  11. At this moment in time these are the most Incredibly lucky kitties in the universe. What loving hearts you & Gordon have!

  12. I'm glad that the vet caught Missy's toxoplasmosis early. Welcome, Mootie and Pip!

  13. adorable♥️
    You certainly have a BIG heart Natalie...
    Best of luck to Mootie and those names!
    Linda :o)


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