Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy National Cat Day!

Today is National Cat Day! Hug your kitty.

Pip and Mootie are settling in well.

Pip doing a taste test last night.

Isn't she gorgeous? She's an active, curious, beautiful little cat.

Mootie is lovely too.

They both enjoy their cat toys.

And the scratching log!

Not to mention that Sweeter Heater. Pip had just caught sight of Redford roaming around the lower barn.

Mootie is such a lady!

Look who's watching me through the straw!

Meanwhile, Redford was checking out how work is going on the box stalls.

He's an excellent foreman! Forecat. Forfeline?

The paw of ownership!

Meanwhile, peace reigned on the bed this morning...

That's Emerson, Alex and Louise. Louise has been beating up on Emerson lately. Not sure why, but we're not happy about it. I've been trying various things to dissuade her. Sometimes she's fine with him, as you can see in this photo!

And for Nationarl Cat Day, here's the oldest cat in the house with the oldest human in the house...

Julius is nearly 15 now.

I love this old guy! I do clean his eyes regularly, but he seems to get a lot of eye-goo these days.

My handsome old boy.

Go hug your kitties!


  1. JULIUS looks like such a sweet cat. And it's so great to see photos of Pip and Mooty. They do look like they are settling in and we have you to thank for that. I have got to get up to see you and the kitties as soon as all this construction and move is over. Gary would love to visit sometime, too.

  2. Oh Louise is suffering from 'nose out of joint syndrome'!
    Julius is a handsome dude..gentleness oozes from his eyes..along with the goo (which Maddy seems to have at the moment).
    Jane x

  3. I wouldn't let our cat chew my finger..... No way!

  4. Happy cat day to all of you from Herman and Dutch, Sue and Willie. And we hug ours every day, too.

  5. Thanks for my cat fix for the day. We are temporarily catless. Yours are gorgeous, every one of them!

  6. I love this post! Honestly, I could live in your barn with the cats and all that comfortable looking hay. :) That red comforter on your bed is beautiful and the kitties make it even prettier!

  7. Dudo is on my lap right now. We're going to go find Moose and share a group hug. Your brood is so easy to fall in love with. And it's obvious how happy they all are. It must warm your heart! It does mine.

  8. So many lovely cats.

    I miss my cats.

    I don't miss the bother they often caused.

    I wish the old woman next door would stop chasing away cats that would otherwise be happy to visit. cats that visited, then went away, would be the perfect balance for me (with a neighbour who liked cats instead of throwing stones at them).

  9. Happy cat day do you and your crew! And Julius still rules!

  10. Every day should be National Cat Day!


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