Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pigs 'n' stuff

First off, how lucky am I? Joanne from Cup on the Bus wove two beautiful teacloths (or tea towels, or dish towels -- call them what you like) and sent them to me!

They not only look great, they are super-soft and absorbent.

I love woven things like this. Thank you so much, Joanne!

It's been awhile since I've posted pig shots...

Luther is growing up to be a fine young man! The piglets are six months old now.

Olivia was hoping for a treat. I love the spots on her nose.

And Button has a button on her rump!

Cordelia and her mother Ophelia were enjoying some grass this afternoon.

But as the weather grows cooler, the pigs spend more time snoozing inside. Dahlia, Cordelia and Button decided it was worth coming out to see if I had treats!

Hello, Dahlia!

Meanwhile, it was crazy here again today.

The cement truck came with the stuff for our box stalls in the lower barn.

He didn't want to take the truck down behind the barn, so they built a chute from upstairs

It's looking a bit like a construction site right now.

Meanwhile, work on the horse fencing continues...

The boys sure aren't very afraid of my beehives! Not that the girls are very active right now.

And have I mentioned that I love the panorama feature on my iPhone?

This is the duck pairing pond we had put in this past winter. It's looking good! Hopefully some ducks got lucky down there this year. 

And look!

A rainbow over the soybean fields next door.

We are sad over the shootings in Ottawa today. I have walked by the War Memorial there many times and thought that it must be a bit of a tough, boring job doing guard duty there. I'm glad I wasn't there today.

I was a Naval reservist for many years and was never afraid to wear my uniform in public, but I would be now! It's sad to see this kind of thing happening in Canada. I don't want to see our Parliament Buildings becoming an armed fortress....

Have a peaceful evening!


  1. So sorry for the violence in Ottowa, Natalie. Your blog is one of the peaceful happy places that I like to visit and so look forward to!

  2. It sure was a sad day. My heart breaks for the soldier's family. He had a little son, too. I'm a bit boggled over the fact that there was not more security at the Hill. With all that's been going on the last few years you would think that the gunman would never have been able to get so far into the building. Can't understand it. What does it take? Your post brought a smile tonight. Love those pigs. Our Ginny (cat) had a button on her left leg about the same size as Button's. Cute!

  3. You've got lots of action thee before winter closes in.

  4. Your pond become more natural looking by the day.

    I've just woken to the Ottawa news; I'm afraid we can now expect these idiots to pop up almost anywhere. What we can do about it; I don't know!

  5. Thank you for the lovely pictures to remind us there there is still beauty in the world. The internet has been a dark and scary place today - from the happenings in Ottawa to all the racism it's bringing to the forefront. We need more rainbows and happy pigs. That's for sure!

  6. Thanks for spreading the beauty and the love.

  7. Oh I love those piggies ! Lovely photos . I pray all in Ottawa are safe and they catch the bad people this day and age there should not be any war of any kind ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. I do not understand the anger and madness in the world. I hadn't thought about a uniform in public today, but, of course, the police do it all the time, complete with pounds of body armor. It's mad.
    Your farm seems a haven.

  9. Thank you for my piggie fix!
    I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping that neither of you were in the city. It's awful. Take care x

    1. I'm so glad Gordon doesn't work in downtown Ottawa anymore! I have walked by that War Memorial countless times and seen the soldiers guarding it and never really thought twice about it, beyond thinking that standing guard there must be an exercise in boredom! I only wish it had stayed boring... :( Such a waste of a fine young man's life.

  10. Two beautiful towels, in recognition for adding your two new felines?
    With that snout, Ophelia could be named Dot instead.
    I was running around in my car yesterday listening to the radio and it truly felt like a world gone mad when I figured out the horrible events being described were happening in Canada.

  11. Every rescued pig, beautifully handcrafted towel, or new duck pond reminds me that anyone can choose to be part of a better world. Light always disperses darkness. Great piggy shots.

  12. Love all the pictures and that Rainbow was wonderful! When there is so much beauty around us, I just can't understand all the hatred some people choose to spread.
    Thank you for the smiles today!

  13. The pigs are adorable and I couldn't get enough of their cute faces. Thank you for big smiles amidst the sadness of an innocent life taken. My heart goes out to his family, XOXO


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