Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Warm sheets = cat infestation

Okay, first off: our cats are not allowed on the table.


I slay myself. Anyway, Gordon brought our bedsheets and my bathrobe up from the dryer the other night, and put them on the kitchen table while he tended something else.

This was clearly a mistake...

Emily and Naomi immediately took full advantage of the clean, toasty warm sheets and fuzzy bathrobe.

I think they were a little irked at my flash photography.

Meanwhile, Louise made herself at home on the bed...

As you can see, she's not fitting in at all... hahahaha!

She's with Alex and Naomi here, in case you are losing track of which cat is which. I know I am!

And we definitely need more cat shelves on the front porch...

Naomi, Alex and Julius. How they suffer!


  1. All warm laundry belongs to the cat...it's only fair. Oh, look at Louise. She's such a beauty.

  2. Well when you find a calico, I will adopt it. Calicoes are my passion.

  3. It's a kittyland :)

  4. Oh yes, your cats are really suffering!!!!!! I think I will the call the animal shelter!

  5. Oh, our two cats aren't looking like nearly enough.

    Ours also aren't allowed on the dining room table. Ha. Or the kitchen counters. Ha Ha. And they're also really well trained to not claw the sofa. HA HA HA HA HA... etc.

  6. If I want to get something done sans cats I pile clean laundry/sheets towels in a basket and walk off...it's a cat magnet, and I get my task done!
    Jane x

  7. Our cats are not allowed on the kitchen table or the counters .... yeah, right. Like they care :)))) Life with cats is all about sharing. Our stuff with them of course.

    Louise looks like she' s always been one of the crew.

  8. I'm not allowed to bring up a basket of warm laundry form the basement without letting Rocky thoroughly inspect it first.

  9. Warm towels straight from the dryer - Yes, cats love them! I truly think they believe we get them warm especially for them to lie on (sometimes maybe we do). And yes, we have the same rule - no cats on the table or kitchen counter - yeah, right! However, I do keep a spray bottle on hand for those times when I really do need the counter top.

  10. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Still life with cats and bananas. Nice.

  11. My kitty brats are not allowed on the dining room table or the counter , either *sigh*
    I've given up looking shocked at their naughty behavior if company catches sight of them leaping gracefully onto all the forbidden areas =)
    Emily and Naomi look so comfy cozy in those freshly laundered sheets.


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