Friday, June 18, 2010

So many reasons to love the rural newspaper!

I love the classified ads in our local paper. This one is all the better because I am a close personal friend of Bucky's! Alas, I know not how to shear.


  1. have you tried reading the alaska police patrol? very similar

  2. And now my job is to typeset those classified ads. Somehow this was one I missed. Love it!

  3. You should respond. It'd make a great post.

  4. John, I am loving the Alaska Police Patrol. Thanks!!

    Ronna, that's Judy's llama, and she hasn't had a reply yet. I believe the ad runs again this week.

    James, it's my friend's ad and if I took shears to her llama, they'd probably call the SPCA on me. HAHAHA!


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