Monday, June 28, 2010

Name that caterpillar!

I found this in the garden today. I love how its head looks like a ladybug! Anyone out there care to take a stab at identifying it (because I'm too lazy to move my carcass and the get the field guide!)

And it was carnivorous, too...


Why I didn't become a naturalist is beyond me!

PS: MY friend Denise identified it as Pearly Wood Nymph. They turn into cool moths that look like bird poop (for reasons of camouflage!) In fact, I did a "Wood Nymph" Art Trading Card last August:


  1. That is a real beauty Knatolee. As it happens I have a caterpillar post today too!

  2. Sending a replacement finger, via FedEx...Your cartepillar is called Ernestine Mangetout. I knew her parents in my youth. They lived in the Laurentians. They had twelve devouring babies. Good to see one made it to your land.

    I love your Art Cards. You ARE a naturalist, Knatolee!

  3. Was that thing chewing your finger?!?
    I don't mind bugs so much but when they start to chew, I start to whack!

  4. That is Hurliae Japonicus Majoram. It can be identified by the curious markings on the multi-segmented body -- obvious to any self-respecting naturalist.

    It is usually found in lightly wooded areas and has a preference for the leaves of the perennial Olaf tree. Some consider it a pest and it is believed to be a non-native species, possibly having been brought over on ships during the slave trade years, in the Caribbean, and migrated north to where you see it today.

    The unfortunate thing about H. Majoram is that having had any contact with it whatsoever, death in humans is only eleven hours away unless counteracted with the antivenin "Johnnie Walker Black."

  5. Love your drawings. x

  6. Knatolee, I heard that Chateauneuf du Pape (3-4 glasses) would be the best antipoison. It's on its way, via FedEx...

  7. Jams, your caterpillar is equally gorgeous today!

    Thanks John!

    Claudia, you are hilarious. Ernestine certainly did mange tout! And I think you have a great idea for a children's book there. :)

    Sugar, it did start chewing on my finger but it wasn't breaking the skin or anything. Really it tickled more than anything.

    Chef Nick, are you sure it wasn't Hurliae Japonicus Oregano? I hear they are closely related! And I think I took the wrong antivenin, as we only had Guinness on hand, but perhaps I have some sort of rare natural immunity to the venom, as I am still alive this morning!

  8. Thanks, Hooty, and Claudia, I await your shipment with glee!

  9. Cute, flesh-eating caterpillars! That's horrifying! ;-)

  10. Really, I think he was more like a dead-skin-eating caterpillar. :) He didn't go very deep!

  11. Your caterpillar
    is eight-spotted forester.
    Haiku for the win!

  12. P.S.

  13. Hwb, a most excellent haiku!

  14. And thanks for the I.D! Eight-spotted forester indeed!


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