Friday, June 11, 2010

J'aime Boutique Lafleur!

The Bearded One and I love shopping at Boutique Lafleur in Alexandria, Ontario. Not only are Doanne and Andrée always happy and helpful, they sell great clothes and shoes too! And although Gordon sometimes tunes out my fashion advice, when Andrée or Doanne tell him what to wear, he snaps to attention and does what he's told. They do an excellent job of fitting him properly and making sure he doesn't dress like his Dad (because if he did that, I would have to club him like a baby seal! Sorry honey... but you do have cute dark eyes like a seal pup!)

The store is located in a strip mall, and Doanne and Andrée make
the place look beautiful, with lots of nice little touches like flowers at the door and pretty jewellery on display.

As well as selling wonderful casual clothing, the ladies do a lot to support local businesses, teams and artists, like the Green Beaver Company (awesome personal care products with natural and organic ingredients), and oh, wait, wait... what's that on the counter?
Is it... why YES, yes...'s several copies of KATIE OF THE SONORAN DESERT, illustrated by ME and already flogged to death on this blog.

Andrée and Doanne had heard about our book, and when I told them it doesn't have a distributor in Canada yet, they very kindly offered to sell some signed copies for me. (They are angels!) So I am proud to say that Boutique Lafleur, in lovely Alexandria, Ontario, is now the exclusive Canadian distributor (other than me, of course!) for Katie of the Sonoran Desert. And Doanne had already sold a copy five minutes after I left the boutique today. Am I not lucky to have such an excellent sales team? :)

And here is the fabulous Doanne behind the counter! I love living in this area. It's full of helpful, friendly people like Doanne and Andrée (who wasn't there today, so I'll have to get a photo of her another time.)

If you're in Alexandria (an hour east of Ottawa, and hour west of Montréal), make sure you stop by Boutique Lafleur and spend hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of dollars! You can get a signed copy of Katie while you're at it ($20 CDN)

Merci beaucoup, Andrée et Doanne. Vous êtes merveilleuses!


Boutique Lafleur
Men's & Ladies' Casual Atttire
431 Main St S, Alexandria ON


  1. i hope the shop gives you discount for all this free advertising

  2. Ack!! I am so hopelessly behind on your blog and on life in general. But you all look very happy! And congrats on the book award! I've finally remembered to order my copy and it's on its way to California.

  3. John, they're selling my books for free so I figure we're even! :)

    And Dephal, thanks! I hope everyone likes the book.

  4. Should the Bearded One ever start dressing like his father and your clubbing arm should ever tire, let it not be forgot that you have friends who will help you.


  5. AH, good to know I have back-up, HWB!

  6. thanks for thefood information by the wayxx

  7. John, I am addicted to all things potato (must be the Irish from my Dad and his family!) and fried potatoes with breakfast, mmmmmmm!!! Sometimes Gordon puts in a little onion with them, mmmmmm....

  8. Poor fashion challenged boys....thankfully they've found us to fix them. Hope you've got all those books signed - remember what Pierre Berton used to say as he walked into every book store he could find - marched down to his section and proceeded to sign each one: "A signed book, is a sold book!"

  9. Barbara, they are all signed! It's a shame I no longer live anywhere near the author, because we could have both signed them all. But it's a bit of a hike for me to get to her in Walla Walla, WA! :)


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