Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer is on its frigging way out...

Okay, well, as of today, I suppose summer IS out. Over. Done. Usually I can deal with this, but after the cold monsoon summer of 2009, I am so not ready for fall, not to mention winter. Alas, it is out of my hands.

The sunflowers are on their last legs. We've had two frosts already and my pepper and other plants are already toast.

But the little green bugs are happy!

As is this bumble bee!

Meanwhile, back in dogland...

My friend's German Shepherd, Emma, tests out the trunk of our Mazda 3 and says "Two paws up!

Sophie and Tristan prefer to lounge in the larger vehicle belonging to Ray and Joyce, who have done lots of fine work on our house and outbuildings. Last week they were repairing the stone foundation on the 150-year-old barn, and putting 2,000 screws in the metal roof.

The dogs ADORE Ray and Joyce. I actually think they prefer them to me! Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ray and Joyce give them lots of cuddles and kisses, and bring them dog cookies, Timbits (doughnut holes) and all manner of other goodies when they visit. But really I think the dogs know good people when they see 'em.

Ah summer, I hardly knew ye. So long!


  1. The worst part? I realized a few minutes ago that we'll be seeing Christmas decorations in the malls in less than six weeks!

  2. AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!! Blork! Bite thy tongue!!!!!!

  3. EEEk. Summer is over. Where did it go? Very odd that you've had 2 frosts!! My tomatoes, pepper and cukes are all just fine. I must've missed it...or??? Very strange, eh?

  4. How odd, Ronna, and you're farther north than me! Gordon had to scrape frost off the car for two mornings! Maybe it's because my veg patch is very exposed, and actually that field is lower than the area around our house. Hmmmmm....

  5. No, no no, stop being so negative.

    *Pumpkins* are around the corner! Halloween is *just around the corner* and then Christmas . . . ouch, I pinch myself thinking of picking up and decorating that tree!

    I love summer but we're going to TEAR A NEW ASSHOLE ON WINTER.

    That's Moldavian, by the way. I just like to brag.

  6. I've notices that the local supermarkets have xmas goodies on the shelves already... sighs. It probably wont be long before teh Easter eggs are up!

  7. Gosh darn . . . Easter eggs! Fuzzy rabbity things! Semi-paganistic rituals!

    Oh, how I miss the future.

  8. OK, so Halloween decorations have been out for a week, but summer is not officially over until we have to worry about wind chill and frozen pipes.
    Yes, I am in a state of denial.

  9. I'm in denial too. As far as I'm concerned, it's JUNE.

  10. I can't believe that was 5 years ago! xoxox


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