Thursday, September 10, 2009

My feathered friends

The girls are getting quite big now, though they still aren't full-grown. However, I think they could give Chef Nick a bit of a fight if he came at them with his charmoula sauce! Now that they are happily ensconced in their coop, they are allowed out for supervised wanderings every day.

I do believe this is "Runtley", the smallest chick at the bottom of the pecking order. She's doing very well. I am at the stage where I am ready to assign names, since I can mostly tell them apart now.

They are obsessed with pecking at the caulking Gordon used to seal gaps in the coop. This girl is checking out a nice vertical strip of the stuff. It's a bit of a problem!

The flock hangs out by the old wagon.

Fluffy butts!

I've taken to calling this one "Buffy" because of her buffy colour. Plus I always liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

One of my lovely feathered friends. Last night at sunset, I took a chair into the coop and had five chickens sitting on me at one point, getting their cuddles. One of them snuggled right up against me and settled down for 20 minutes of affection. I hope they'll still love me when I start stealing their eggs!

And did you know they make diapers for chickens?! So if you want a pet chicken in the house, it's no problem! I'm wondering what our cats would think if they found chickens roosting on the couch!


  1. I love you chicken updates!

    Regarding the obsessive picking -- does Bitter Apple work with chickens?

    Regarding your comment about fluffy butts -- you do realize that Emma has a trademark on that phrase? She is very proud of her fluffy butt!

  2. The little beasts seem to be growing nicely! Sweet. Sweet little fuzzy things, aren't they? Sweet. Salty too, I'll bet, when they get in the mood.

    Mmm, mmm good.

  3. Diapers for chickens.

    I have now officially seen everything.

  4. I think the cats would think "LUNCH" if you diapered the chickens and brought them into the house!

    I have decided after staring at the diaper picture for a few minutes that I am too stupid to diaper a chicken. Let us know how it works!

    Nancy and the GSD crew

  5. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Ooooo they are starting to look like chickens!! as i was reading, i was wondering if they are still used to being handled etc ... and they are!

    I love that they sit in your lap. that is so great.

    (i think i will stop eating chicken)

  6. I like your chicken photos today. Especially the first one with it's color in the background. And I guess I like how chicken look when they are grown up (or almost), when they lose their "Raptor" look. :o)
    Next time I'd like to see a photo of you cuddling with your birdies sitting on you! :o)

  7. Janyne, I will have to find out about the bitter apple. It seems like a good idea, but I am wondering how chicken taste buds work.

    Chef Nick, you are perenially BAD!!! They're gonna get you one day, my friend.

    Jim, I bet they have diapers for llamas too.

    Monika, I intend to get a photo of myself cuddling chickens. I'll see if I can get Gordon's assistance this weekend.

    It's getting harder and harder to eat chicken...


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