Monday, September 07, 2009

Labour Day Randomosity

It's gorgeous here today, sunny and warm, so we went out kayaking this morning at Gray's Creek Conservation area. Unfortunately, a bunch of slobs also frequent the area. I picked 11 bottles and cans out of the water near the marina at the CONSERVATION AREA (hello, littering drunkards? They do provide trash cans!) before I ran out of places to put them on my kayak deck. Next time I'll bring a green trash bag and pick up the rest of the crap in the water. Utterly disgusting. Evidently slobs have very poor taste in beer, judging by the bottle labels.

We made it out to the St. Lawrence seaway and kayaked along the shoreline a little bit. After a couple of hours, we decided it was time for lunch, so the kayaks went back on the car and we hit G. P. Deli in Lancaster, where I had my usual Eggs Benedict. Yum!

Here are some photos from this past week. I picked up some great cheeses at the House of Cheese at the Byward Market in Ottawa, but have yet to pluck up the courage to try the English Sticky Toffee Cheddar shown below!

I love cheddar. I love sticky toffee pudding, But together? Hmmmm...

And we stopped at a local gas station to pick up some yummy fresh corn! That's Gordon being selective under the brolly.

That's 91.9 cents CDN/litre for you Americans, approximately $3.22 USD per US gallon.

Meanwhile, a new outdoor wood-burning furnace trundles down the road. These are getting popular around here, but I can't imagine having to go outside to feed my furnace all winter long!!!

And just to let you know, Alex and Naomi are still deeply, madly in love! Yes, they are on a dog bed. No, they are not dogs. Yes, the dogs are too fraidy-scared to boot cats off their beds.

"I'm giving you a bath whether you like it or not, Naomi!"

"Do you mind? Can't you see we're busy here?"


  1. God, you actually make owning cats an attractive possibility (not happening).

    And the name Stinson at the gas station is the name of a beach in San Francisco that I go to all the time. Ask the guy where he got the name.

  2. Alex and Naomi need to get a room!

  3. If that is the gas station that NB and I passed on our way to Quebec, we stopped and bought the nastiest wrinkled corn of the season. Apparently, it pays to be cautious.

    Also, I have shown the sticky toffee cheddar to a British friend of mine and she is simultaneously appalled and intrigued. So, the next time someone from here is in Ottawa it looks like we have to make an extra stop in the Byward market.

  4. Chef Nick, I'm thinking the beach in SF is way more attractive than its namesake gas station (it's a very nice gas station, but it's no beach!)

    HWB, we've bought corn there several times this summer and it has been great, so I'm thinking either you got the unlucky bad batch or it's a different station. They were getting fresh corn in every morning.

    I eyed that cheese again yesterday. I would like to try it for novelty's sake but I am fraidy scared.


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