Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The joys of dog ownership

I meant to post this last week for those with whom I have not already shared these photos.

Take two dogs. Put them on a farm with a creek. Add in one large painted turtle, dug into the muddy banks of the creek.

Soon you will have....

" A smart start for a fresh, younger-
looking face, the Total Mud Facial Cleanser cleans,
removes eye and facial makeup and acts like a toner all in one.
Massage it on and let the delicious,
fresh mud scent delight your senses.
After rinsing, your skin will feel vibrant and velvety smooth."

(Thanks, Mobert!)

*Don't worry, the turtle was fine. The dogs carried it up into the field where they dropped it, licked it, and left it unharmed. I returned it to the creek.


  1. Anonymous2:02 pm

    you're FAST!! hahaha I LOVE those pictures. The expressions on their faces are just priceless.


  2. AH! They're just beautiful! :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  3. pets bring great joy to ones life...:)

  4. Anonymous10:11 am

    Who knew life could be this fun??!!


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