Thursday, April 03, 2008

Welcome to Reno World!

Vince, our drywall/plaster professional, started work this week. Yesterday he tore down my hideous, crooked, dark and dank plywood closet. He is building me a proper one with drywall on it instead of WALLPAPER OVER PLYWOOD! Here is how it looked at the end of yesterday. The last one was not parallel with the ceiling. This one is, although you can't tell from this photo:

Gordon took the closet in his office as his own. I was happy to share this closet with him, but he generously gave me our whole bedroom closet. Clearly I am not one of those women who walk into a house and decide to buy it based on closet space. :) I don't have a zillion outfits, and I hate buying shoes. Call me a freak of womanhood!

Here is what was behind that 8-foot piece of plywood nailed to the wall. Actually, the hole was smaller than this; Vince has enlarged it to facilitate repairs:

What a gripping blog entry, eh? I am mainly doing this for my friends (Hi NK! Hi SS!) living vicariously through our renos.

A view towards the windows. Vince has taped many, many cracks in the plaster.

A view to the other end of the room:

My faithful helper and design consultant:

"I think you should carpet the floor with plush shag, and put balls and hanf stuffed toys everywhere, and leave out silver bowls of dog food!"

That blue floor has got to go.

And now for something completely different. On Saturday, Gordon made us Crunchy French toast with crême anglaise, with sauteed apples, courtesy of Ricardo Larrivee, author of Weekend Cooking:

Yeah, I think I'll keep Gordon around for a while yet. ;)


  1. Please bring Gordon to the next southern gathering!

  2. Hey, thanks for the great photos! It's going to be great when the job is complete. And I agree, the blue for has got to go!

  3. I love seeing your renos (cute nickname too). Our boat reno is almost over. Back to fishing soon.

    That breakfast looks wonderful. I just love having a husband that can cook well, too. Jack has taught me a lot about cooking.

    btw, I'm not a big shopper either.

  4. Anonymous2:59 pm

    droooooooooool if we come to visit you this summer will Gordon cook breakfast????? -- Moggy

  5. Oh my--that breakfast looks gooood! Does Gordon want to vacation in sunny (WARM!) California?

    Your bedroom will be beautiful when it's over. But I must've had a long day, because after I read the post title I kept wondering what your blog entry had to do with a The Biggest Little City in the World.

  6. Anonymous10:05 am

    Your bedroom is a great space. It's going to be so excellent when you're through. THANKS for going through the effort to keep us informed :) you know how we LIVE for this :)) hahha. also gives us a good idea of the space. I always want to see more of your house.

    and yeah the blue floors sheesh. It looks like the color they paint wood porch floors.

    and listen you your darling son about the features of the new room hahhahahahah.... he's so damn cute :)) I just want to hug him.

    AND ... when I first glanced at G's breakfast, I thought it was hamburger and french fries .. hahhaha ... then I thought, no way would they be eating that. ;)

    just more to be JEAL-ASSSSSS about ...hahaha a cooking husband. Knatoleee ya gots da life ;)

    pee-ess ... I'm not too crazy about clothes and shoes either. I can't understand people who wear different shoes everyday .. or worse change their purses every day to match their shoes and outfits. ( know people who do this) boy that's just way too much trouble. I've often envied men because they can just slap on a suit and after day. or just pants and a shirt.. ding .. finished dressing. oh well.

  7. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Hey Knatolie,

    What is it about you and weird shaped ceilings in your bedrooms? As rivetting as I find your reno photos - I prefer the "dogs running in snow" blogs. btw - That french toast Gordon made looks similar to the fish cakes Gary made. (My sister mailed us a fish from Newfoundland - regular post - not expedited. I can assure you that it did not smell as good as the french toast)

    oh - whats wrong with the blue floor? ;-)

  8. That looks delightful - and I was just sitting here wondering what to do for dinner and I have to see your food pic - just cruel.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  9. J'aime bien votre pain français! (I also took it for a hamburger!)

    I bet your French toast would go deliciously with my favourite breakfast condiment: mushed bananas with a scoop of ripe avocado.

  10. Okay, Bri, I refuse to mix bananas and avocados. I love you and all, but I draw the line at that concoction!

    And oh look, July 2009 and the bedroom still isn't finished. Just waiting for the floor to be stripped and stained this summer!


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