Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sweet kitties

We went back to the Cornwall SPCA to brush cats again yesterday. This is becoming addictive! We chatted with two of the staff there who remembered we had adopted Alex, the three-legged cat, back in October. We took them in a bag of puppy food; they give charitable receipts for donations like that! You should check out the wish list of your local shelter and see what you can take in. Sometimes their needs are quite modest: laser paper, stamps, blankets... things you might already have lying around your house.

Hope, the cat missing the tops of her ears, seems to have been adopted, but Taffy is still there, bless her. Naturally I would have brought her home with me were it not for my sensible husband, who is the only thing standing between me and life as a crazy cat lady. But we both brushed and cuddled her, so she got a good dose of attention yesterday. She's very pretty and sweet, and I hope someone falls in love with her soon. When you pick her up, she goes limp in your arms, closes her eyes, and turns on the purr-engine.

I tell you, my hat is off to the shelter workers. I could not do any of their jobs, and I'm so glad that they are there to care for the abandoned, abused and neglected animals. We were talking with one nice girl (sorry, woman, but she's probably young enough to be my daughter!) at the counter yesterday. She clearly loves her job, but I don't know how she can hold her tongue dealing with some of the (human) idiots that go into that place. I admire her. And the cruelty investigators, I can't even imagine how they do their jobs. Fantastic people.

There are four bunnies out in the lobby awaiting homes, and I wish someone would adopt them, too. Fortunately the dogs in this shelter have a good adoption rate; only one of them was still there from our last visit.

The Cornwall SPCA needs a new roof and is fund-raising for that. I wish I knew a roofer who owed me a big favour! :) If you have spare pop cans and live in the Cornwall area, be sure to drop them off at the shelter. Every little bit helps.


  1. Anonymous3:04 pm

    it's so nice of you guys to go there. what a sad thing though. I wish we didn't need places like that. Excellent that they place most though.

  2. Is there a Llama rescue? I think the Llamas need to be petted also!

    Seriously, this a a great thing you and Caber do!

  3. Yes hats off to those who do those jobs - and to you. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I start tearing up just looking at the kitties and dogs at our local Pet store waiting for a good home.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  4. Everytime I go into that place, I want to bring home a cat. (The dogs have excellent adoption rates there, so I don't worry so much about them.) My mean husband stops me!!


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