Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More gratuitous dog shots

What can I say? Tristan and Sophie: I love them! This is what they were up to before and during my "duck photo shoot" yesterday.

Tristan is half Vizsla, which you can see in his colour and very deep chest. Both dogs love to run and run and run...

His bitchy sister has the ball yet again, but Tristan doesn't mind too much!

Sophie and Tristan were in a "stay" when I took these, waiting for me to finish photographing pintails! That's one of the three Sacred Balls ("Good Cuz" and "Bad Cuz") to the right. One of the Sacred Balls, the blue one the dogs came with, had been missing for months now, but I expect it to reappear in the thaw.

Just enjoying the sun on his face, and a spring breeze:

A noble profile...


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    OH how BEAUTIFUL!! I could just CRY!! ;) ... What LUCKY dogs. All dogs deserve a life like that.

    I LOVE the pic of T enjoying the sun and the spring breeze... you know just exactly how he feels.

    S is a good girl in her stay. K and J have Sophie ears. W has one S ear and one T ear ... hahah.

    When I saw the first pic, I was wondering when you went to a LAKE! hahaha ... doesn't that kinda look like a lake shore? .. of course they you look closely it's clear that it's snow. Probably have too many scratches on my glasses lenses. :D

    Oh just greeeeaaaaatt pics. I really enjoyed the two new entries.

  2. Anonymous12:50 pm

    ok I just had one more look through before starting working and I think you should print the pic of S in her stay and T ... the "noble profile" and ...well make 8.5 x 11 pics, frame them so the C can put them on his desk at work!

    They are just perfect pictures.

  3. I think that's a brilliant idea, my Mexican anonymous friend!

    Glad you like the pics so much!

  4. I thought the same thing at first "anonymous", I was wondering when Knat and Caber took the dogs to a lake (and why the hell she didn't tell us about it!!) :-)) Great pics of the dogs, and the noble pooch is just lovely. Sophie does a wonderful sit stay.

    I hope bad cuz shows up soon, I'm sure the dogs will be ecstatic!

  5. I always enjoy pictures of your dogs - they're always having such a good time. Love the smile on Sophie!

    Oh!!! I so thought that was water as well! Man the reflection sure is decieving.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  6. I LOVE these pictures!!

  7. I LOVE your dogs Knat-o-lee. Pictures of the Llamas would be nice also. HAHAHAHA

  8. Hey, I see what you mean about the lake! Nope, snow. But it is 70F and the snow is meeeeelting!

    Mo, I'm working on the llamas but first we need to get us some CHICKENS!

  9. Anonymous6:31 pm

    And I think my dog has the best life! What lucky dogs indeed.
    Beautiful 'noble profile' shot!


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